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Tutorial: Uploading Photos to Esato

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Posted by mriley
Uploading photos via Esato compresses them & limits the file size to a maximum of 2MB, beyond that size the photo will be too big to upload. Due to the compression pictures often look worse than they do when viewing them from your desktop.

To get round this, there are many free image hosting websites that will re-size your photos for you (you could do this yourself using any image program: Gimp/Photoshop/ACDSee) some of the websites will also let you upload photos in their original size.

Resizing images:

Posting images in 1024x768 resolution

For me, the best image hosting website to use for posting pictures in this resolution is Flickr, using other sites can create a scroll bar at the bottom of the picture (this depends on the resolution of your monitor)

Create a Flickr account
Upload a photo
View it from the 'You' tab
Click on photo, click on 'All sizes' option
Copy and paste the HTML from the bottom of the photo into your post

Image hosted by Esato:

Image hosted by Flickr @ 1024x768 resolution

Uploading photos in their original size

Posting images in their original size will make them hard to view, instead, if you provide a link of your photo in it's original resolution, then every detail of the picture can be looked at and downloaded by anyone wanting to view the photos on their PC.
You can upload your photo to Esato's photo section although you are limited to 3 photos per day.
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Posted by aquared29
thanks fot the tutorial
gonna try it

Posted by mrjulius
@mriley nice tut:D

how about in english the AT, IN, ON

Posted by mriley
Lol I will when I get on my pc

Posted by gedas5
@ mriley

great tutorial as i was already thinking of asking you how you upload your pics nice mindreading

Posted by xxambad4fellaxx
Thanks for this simple tut on uploading image here in Esato, it really is useful!

Posted by Bonovox
Matt your the new brains of Esato. Soon be a mod

Posted by lukechris

On 2010-01-05 04:15:24, mrjulius wrote:
how about in english the AT, IN, ON

Ou en francais? I can say Hi, I have no brothers or sisters, I live in england and I have 6 dogs. Can't really help though

Posted by Liontiger
Thanks! I will try this

Posted by phonecrzy
its much simpler just to upload it on flickr then click download then click full size then right click download full size then click copy link location and then click the picture thing with a hyperlink thing that creates [img] and [/img] then paste it in between [img] and [/img] and viola, much simpler.

Posted by mriley
True, but i didn't know about that when i created this... and you're wrong about needing to use [img][/img] when posting full size images from flickr, you don't need to use BB Code because it uses HTML instead.
I was thinking about editing it now i know more about it.

Posted by phonecrzy

On 2010-05-20 23:16:24, mriley wrote:
True, but i didn't know about that when i created this... and you're wrong about needing to use [img][/img] when posting full size images from flickr, you don't need to use BB Code because it uses HTML instead.
I was thinking about editing it now i know more about it.

this is simpler though because its desktop, and flickr also do the same because they have Flickr Uploadr.

Posted by mriley
There are advantages and disadvantages of every photo sharing website, Flickr is good in some aspects but bad in others.

Posted by Bonovox
What about this I have started using Fast Stone Image Resizer? Good tutorial Also Matt the Esato Photos Section is limited to 4mb
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Posted by laffen
You might have noticed some recent changes to the forum editor.

You can choose to insert images from the forum image collection using the Forum Images button. This is where you upload and remove your screen dumps and similar for the forum. This does not have to be photos captured with a mobile phone. JPEG, GIF and PNG image formats are supported.

The other option is to insert photos from the images you allready have uploaded to the photo section. Images uploaded to the photo section needs to be of JPEG type, and it must have a EXIF header.

We currently do not have much hard disk space left for photos, so the current limit is 3 images per day. The space used for all 28066 photos today is 23.7GB. But in a couple of weeks time Esato will move over to a new faster server with over 1TB disk space, and this should be enough for a couple of years. Well, it depends on where the megapixel race ends. Anyway, we will increase the number of photo-per-day limit, and maybe the current size limit as well.

The current limit per image file is 4MB regardless of where it was uploaded. Has this been a problem for you? If so, what kind of images are over 4MB in size? This is the largest mobile phone photo we are hosting today.

Posted by tranced
@laffen: thanks for this. This new feature will be useful for the photo competitions. Will give more feedbacks later.

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