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Mediabackgrounds in themes? (C702 e.o)

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Posted by Sator1973
Iīve been creating C702 themes for a while and I like to complete them with mediaplayer backgrounds. They work fine in C702, just like W705 themes, but SE theme creator doesnīt accept these. Is there someone who knows how to force TC to accept these themes and resave them with the mediaplayer backgrounds? I canīt upload my themes to Esato if I donīt resave them with TC first. Why is SE restricting my creativity?

Posted by gseth
Yeh, no way for se to accept the media background.

I suggest after finalizing the theme you open the theme in mpskinner and load your media skins and colours and save.

Once saved do not reopen in tc and edit, cause the backgrounds and settings will go away. SE Theme creator limitation or bug, i am not sure.

The other method is manual and requires you to insert the media skin background code in xml and repack it as a .thm file via tugzip.

Posted by Sator1973
I have no problem creating and packing themes with MP-backgrounds manually. I would only use theme-creator to resave and check themes so I can upload them to Esato. So no problem creating themes without TC (the real work is done with Gimp anyway). Itīs just too bad that Esato only seems to accept themes that are saved with SE theme creator (or am I wrong?). Maybe I could put another theme version number in the XML and upload as Walkman themes?

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