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Orange answer phone late message

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Posted by Bonovox
Unbelievable. After always praising Orange and never having a problem with them this morning i was fuming. I got out of the shower this morning went upstairs to check my phone only to be greeted by an answer phone message from work. Nothing out of the normal there. Checked the message and it was dated 2 weeks ago I only just recieved notification today after someone leaves a message 2 weeks before. Thats seriously bad. Luckily the message was not too important but thats still not good. Has anyone else ever had this with any network with late voicemail? I find this infuriating as what if someone in the family was hurt or in hospital or worse still. I am going to write a long worded email to Orange regarding this to kick their bosses up the backside. I am not happy whats the point of voicemail if you don't get it straight away?

Posted by masseur
I'm not sure what service level agreement there is for text message but I have to assume they are not treated as neccessarily having any urgency

I am certain that if there was anyone hurt or worse, as you mention, that anyone involved would not only have sent you a text but would also repeatedly be trying to contact you by mobile phone and other means so I'm not sure there is any argument here that text messages should be delivered immediately unless the mobile companies are gauranteeing delivery within a pre specified time frame in which case you will have cause for a claim

mind you, given the millions (billions) of texts such companies distribute they probably would claim their % is well within acceptable limits

Posted by Caspa
Think he was referring to a voicemail Big M...

And in answer to the query - I have experienced that same issue on all the networks I have been on!!! Most recently thats O2 and T-Mobile... Either not telling me I have a message at all (so find out by chance by calling voicemail for another reason), or telling me long after it arrives... Some occassions its been when I have rebooted the phone and other times just out of the blue... This has happened with different handsets also so I'm sure its network related...

Also it has happened using different means of notification, so SMS with O2 and Voicemail sign (the loop thingy) with T-Mobile...

Posted by Bonovox
Well in answer to that. I see advertisments for voicemail for the networks in their handbooks and it says. Can't take the call then let voicemail take the message for you and alert you. Not 2 weeks later thats simply wrong. Whats the point of it if you don't get alerted? Are they trying to get more money out of us by us having to check voicemail daily so we get charged even when no messages are present? I am mad. Sorry if you have answer phone the whole point is to alert you of an importing message is it not or am i wrong? Mass sorry i think you misunderstood its voicemail not texts i never have a problem with texts or calls its the voicemail alert which came 2 weeks late. Thinking about what you said Caspa i do think sometimes we do have to reboot the phone to reconnect with the network like do a fresh network search or take out battery and sim. But i have done that many times because i take out my battery and sim when i put my memory card in a pc card reader. So it should reboot with the network afterwards when turning back on.

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Posted by Bonovox
Just to update since then had no more problems with voicemail not coming through. It was just that one although 2 weeks was a little bit late Orange

Posted by fatreg

On 2009-12-13 13:37:07, masseur wrote:
I'm not sure what service level agreement there is for text message

24 hours for future reference

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