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New here, but how to do bluetooth internet? s500i

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Posted by shintokun
I've looked everywhere and could not get anything to work (*youtube, google, sites)

What I want to do is be able to bluetooth between my pc and phone and make my phone USE the computer's internet through wireless bluetooth.

(yes my pc has bluetooth , it's actually a laptop with builtin bluetooth).

can someone teach me or redirect me to a working tutorial?



Posted by exaflare23
hhmm.?? i think u cant use your pc internet to your phone unless thru wifi, correct me if im wrong u want to do wifi connection but in a diff way like bluetooth? where did u get that idea?

i can use internet in my k800i for free but no wifi im using my network provider internet service by using proxies so i can surf for free
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Posted by Cyborg_a0
Haven't heard yet that sharing internet from pc to phone using bluetooth.
I have read something in a forum but this is not about bluetooth, its about sharing internet from pc to phone using a pc application, can't remember what application is that, unluckily that thread is deleted now.

Posted by Nhyrohale23
I've tried this trick it works but the connection is very slow

Posted by Excalibur69
@shintokun, i don't think you can do that bro, unless your cp has wifi feature.

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