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Orange down tonight

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Posted by Bonovox
Orange main wap servers have been down all night. I rang them and they said their main servers in Bristol are down and they have no idea when it will be back up and running. This has been a rare thing on Orange in my experience. Hope its not the iphone crashing their servers Strange thing i cant browse via my phones browser but i can via Opera :-S Still down not working today Orange said engineers working on it still. No timescale when back up and running. Not sure if its just pay as you go or if its contract aswell.

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Posted by Bonovox
Its working now

Posted by Caspa
I'll be on Orange in a few weeks weeks with a Hero (new business line) - I really hope the iPhone isnt going to cripple the network! Heard that they are pretty good data wise, especially amount of 3G coverage...

And I havent been with them for easily 5 years or more, but do remember that even back then they have the best call quality of all the networks, really clear and crisp and could always hold a call even with one bar of signal...

Really hoping that they are just as good these days if not better!

Posted by Bonovox
Mate don't worry because most of my life i have always been with Orange & honestly I hardly ever have any connection problems. Their network imo is more reliable & robust than the rest. Like every network they have problems but most of the time I get none especially compared to when I was on O2. Down time is more rare & data is very fast for me. 3G coverage is great in most places I go & they are the best where I live & for me they have the clearest call quality of all UK networks. Is the signal good by you? Hope you have good luck mate but as far as I have experienced over the years I always go back to Orange. Worst thing about them is their retail stores are dreadful for customer service & they are a bit more expensive. Customer service went through a bad patch for a while but its better now I always used to swear by no other network but Orange & yes I stayed away for a few years on O2 but now I am back i won't leave again. I had contracts with them in the early days but now pay as you go. People slag Orange off but I love them. What I experienced with O2 was poor network maintainece
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Posted by Caspa
I live and work in London so shouldnt be any issues with reception...

Been on all the networks apart from 3, and from memory, Orange has the best call quality - but we'll see how it goes in a few weeks... Sure it will be fine...

Posted by Bonovox
Yes i am fussy when it comes to call quality. Vodafone is the worst so distorted. O2 has a rustic sound and T Mobile is muffled. I get Orange 3G coverage in most places even some small seaside towns i been to. Oh another thing i dont like is Orange branding but i get my phones sim free. Enjoy.

Posted by Mr Miyagi
The orange network already being affected with iPhone users using the Internet. Am not surprised to be honest. It will only get worst before it get better to be honest. As orange would have to improve the network more when the data usage starts to affect the network by iPhone users. Once Voda gets the iPhone things might calm down a bit across all networks.

Posted by Bonovox
Hopefully but i am unsure if what happened the other day was due to the iphone. So far since things are fine and as fast as normal. Downtime on Orange in my experience is more rare than say O2. Even on busy new year period when everyone is trying to get through i never have problems with Orange. Giving Orange their credit it was not off too long

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Posted by Caspa
I may be going onto O2 again, not Orange... Gotta see which is most economical for the business and I sure hopes its Orange!

Unfortunately a colleague is stuck on an O2 contract so it may mean its better for us all to be on it so we get free calls between us...

We'll see...

Posted by Caspa
And it looks like its gonna be O2... Bollocks...

So that means crap data and I cant get a Hero cause they dont do them... Bollocks again...

Proper annoyed...

Posted by Bonovox
Oh bollocks never mind move to Orange when contract is up

Posted by Caspa
I now have no idea about what phone to get... O2 seem to have a very limited range, and for some strange reason are the only network that dont do the Hero!?!?!?

Voda, Orange, T-Mob and now 3 do it, so why not O2?!?!?

They seem to have either the iPhone or the Pre - both of which you have to pay for when you get the second line on a business deal - so like 85 for the sharer handset, thats a bloody piss take - the Hero would have been free!!!

Its either one of them, and from what I have read the iPhone is better - or some crappy Windows device and if its gotta be Windows then I reckon it would have to be the HD2 but I really dont want something that BIG!

Dont like the size of them and dont particulary like the finish of the iPhone - to slippery, prefer a more matt type finish...

Proper annoyed now, network I can cope with.... But really had my heart set on a Hero...

Posted by Bonovox
Can't think of what O2's range is right now will look online. I hate the Pre its a horrible nasty over rated phone I played with a live one & its build was not good wobbly slider & menus slow & confusing

Posted by Caspa
Right... There is some light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Getting the mobiles sorted by a mate who owns a telecoms business, and I've given him the full usage info etc and he still reckons Orange will be a better bet! O2 will be about 15 more per month per handset to get a similar deal... And we should cover ourselves with the minute allowance anyway...

Even if we do go for O2 he can do the HTC Hero! Its just that O2's data support team dont support them, but when have data support actually been required or any use for that matter!?!?

He actually moved his own phones from O2 to Orange earlier this year and has found them to be much better - he is in Glasgow though and I'm in London so not necessarily an exact comparison or science!

To be honest, I'm at a stage where as long as I get a Hero, I'll be happy - whatever network!

Posted by Bonovox
Well good luck and i hope its Orange and you get a Hero

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