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w580i standby clock display, Why doesn't it have one

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Posted by redbullssg
I had a K790i before the w580i. It seems to be very alike in the software department and the way everything operates, but on my K790i, when the screen blacked out in standby, you could see the clock displayed and all the symbols when you have a message, or missed call. It would be dark, but it would be visable. The w580i, you can not see it. THe only way it is visable without waking it up out of standby is to press the side +/- button, and then it is only visable, because the back light is then on. It is like it is there, but the screen goes completely black.... Is there a setting that I am not aware of?

Posted by mediar
All phones since 2007 doesn't have stand by clock. That's for longer battery life. However, you can't turn it on, even if you want.

Posted by mriley
i have the w580i lol, what a phone

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