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A flaw with playtime.

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Posted by fatreg
we are looking for reply 21...

Does this mean we are only looking for 20 replies plus 1 from a mod ie 21 or 21 replies from members plus 1 from mod ie 22?

Posted by yea g
It means whoever replied in spot 21 is the winner, with the first post counted as spot 0

Posted by fatreg
So we are after 22 posts in total?



brys182 is the winner and not admad?

/me confused...

Posted by gforce23
Nope, admad is.
The first reply in a thread counts as post #1, or in your example, admad's post "Just woke up 10 minutes ago". Count the replies from there and admad's post "come on" was reply #21.

Posted by brys182
it's just a matter of seconds

gforce is right.

more fun...fun...fun

Posted by masseur
The opening post is not a reply. The first post after that is reply 1. It's worked that way since tranquil started all this and I hoped by now everyone understood from what is written in the rules post

sorry if there is still confusion

Unless I'm very much mistaken...

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