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Someone needs to mod this!

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Posted by sitnet
I wish I could frigging make contact with Handler! I just found the ultimate app to mod for free internet tricks. Like a front query on Custom http server.

It's called MobTorrent and it is Java based torrent downloader! That is one of the biggest things that we are lacking at the moment with free internet.

If anyone is willing to try and mod it, here is the download link: http://amorg.aut.bme.hu/files[....]t/downloads/MobTorrent_1.1.zip


Posted by anningg
sitenet,dont forget that there is also symtorrent to be moded for symbian phones because the mobtorrent did it work on all the symbian phones i tried it on...here is the link please mod it anyone who can www.gallery.mobile9.com/f/509246/

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Posted by Leodusme
Yeah! Mod symtorrent! Thats an awesome app!

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