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Google Translate bar

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Posted by xell
is this thing loaded by Esato itself? It's pretty annoying.

Posted by alexlt
Indeed it's annoying. I have it on desktop Opera 10.01, is there any way to disable it??

Posted by xell
I blocked it with FF's ABP. No idea about Opera, mate, sorry.

Posted by tranced
@alexlt: I'm running Opera 10.01 and I don't have it. Try to uninstall some google stuffs from your PC.

Posted by georgied
@alexlt Same here, running Opera 10.01 1844 and not seeing any translation bar...

Posted by hihihans
Surfing with Safari on a Mac. Had the bar yesterday, clicked off and it never apeared again.

Posted by alexlt
Thanks georgied & tranced.

Yesterday I had it, now it's gone! And didn't do anything Guess Google fixed that "issue".

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