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I'm a theme designer - Please could you test.

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Posted by makeover

I'm a theme designer that requires your help!

I am asking for volunteers to test out a new way of downloading our themes. Our system detects the make of your handset and delivers the compatible wallpaper, animation or theme to personalise your mobile.

The test and feed back should only take approx 5 minutes to complete.

Important: to download this you must have a wap or Internet enabled mobile phone.

Please visit http://www.mobilemakeover.mobi using your phone and enter the code below:


Please could then submit your feedback here:

It will take some time to get everything looking and working exactly right and your feedback really helps.

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Posted by almos
hi, no luck w/ satio

Posted by carkitter
The site won't load on my iPhone either.

Posted by mds8080
Works well on my G705. I'm filling up the feedback now.

Posted by hihihans
With om5, Aino is not supported. With netfront, I had to enter the code to get the "not supported" message.

Posted by makeover
Hi All,

Thanks very much for helping me test, your feedback is very much appreciated.

Hi almos,
I will look into the Aino today, could you try again in 24 hours?

Hi carkitter,
Sorry, the Iphone is not supported at the moment.

Thanks again for everyones help, If the phone does not work please try again in a day or so. Also please dont forget to submit your feedback www.mobstarmobile.com.


Posted by hihihans
Ok I'll test Aino tomorrow. Good luck.

Posted by makeover
Cheers hihihans, Your feedback would be great. Thank you.

If anyone has any ideas how to spread the word please let me know. Developer sites etc. Mates at school or work. Been working on this project for some time and desperately need real world testers.

Thank you

Posted by groovepeppy
I'm using K770i and all went fine.
Sorry can't post the feedback to the addres you gave cause i'm using my mobile.
By the way, very nice wapsite you got there, clean and neat


Posted by almos
hi there no go with opera5 on satio. didn't manage to download the wallpaper using the web browser.ended in error "page removed"...regards, almos

Posted by makeover
Hi there, thanks alot for your help. Every feedback really helps.

Posted by makeover
Hopefully get the satio working for the weekend, It's a Symbian s60 5th edition.
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Posted by makeover
hi carkitter,

Auto detection is ready for the iphone now. It would be great if you could test.

Thank you.

Posted by chadiwrx
Nothing for Samsung SGH i900.

Posted by Lightspeed_x
No luck for a SE C702 using Opera Mini 5 Beta...

Posted by makeover
Thanks for trying, If you have time please could you log your feedback here: www.mobstarmobile.com

All the data goes into a spreadsheet as soon as you submit the form, I can then see patterns in the errors and hopefully fix it.

Thanks alot,

Posted by chadiwrx
I had no errors with Samsung SGH i900 but nothing available to download for my handset.

Posted by antihero.me
Worked fine for SE C902. Used 3G, fast and correct ID of phone, make, model, s/w versions etc. Straight into theme selection, download & install v fast. Clean and simple process for me.


Posted by Lightspeed_x
Done sending feedback...

Posted by HPkuK610i
working fine with netfront browser in my old trusty K610,download and install very fast
but with operamini 5 beta the site can't recognise my phone

Posted by hihihans
Worked with Aino. (netfront)
Angel-Bear wallpaper only.
Form send again.

Posted by Lightspeed_x
Same here, tried again using the default browser (netfront 3.4) and it worked ok, entered the code and got the Bear-Angel theme (it was the only one displayed)... so, its not the phone, but the browser...

EDIT: Resent the feedback...

1.- There was only one theme available for download: Bear Angel (nice theme by the way, it covers almost every part of the handset).

2.- Did not see wallpapers options neither...
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