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FM Transmitter MMR-70 Alternate Colours?

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Posted by Platia1

I'm looking to buy a Sony Ericsson and I think this would be a good accessory to have

However, I can only find it in white, although I am positive I saw a picture of a Black one on a Sony Ericsson Video on their website or something. I'd much prefer it in Black because I plan on getting a Black Aino, not a White one.

Picture is on here (Click on Box Design)


Does anyone know if Black MMR-70's exist (ie weren't Concepts/cancelled or something) and where I could get one?

Posted by sale987
You wont find it probably, but Believe me, it wont mean anything. But you can always paint it in to black
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Posted by pt020
I also saw the black one somewhere,looked on ebay and they all had the white one ... only one English shop had it in Silver (on the picture) that looks not bad with black phone

Posted by contribute100
ya! no stress, just paint it black if you like it to be black

Posted by pt020
Found it on ebay... not an SE but works with SE

Posted by sale987
@pt020 hey that one is interesting, its even cheaper then the SE one. Good is because you can set frequency on him self. Just what quality is...I think it should be OK...

Posted by >500
email or ring your local Sony Ericsson. they 'should' be able to help you...

Posted by fbloise

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