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FS: SE Tool

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Posted by Coxy
Hi all

It's been a while but I've found quite a few bits and bobs from my Esato days that I want rid of.

So for sale here is an SE Tool dongle. It allows you to flash, unlock, debrand SE phones and I think some others too. It's been a while since I was involved with all this but it still works. Will also allow you to download pretty much any firmware for a phone that you want. So you can change languages, branding anything really!

If you want more info have a look at the forum below


Looking for sensible offers. I made an absolute fortune back in the day unlocking and debranding P990s, M600s and W950s. Really did become worth it's weight in gold.

Thanks very much!

Posted by number1
I offer 10del

Posted by Lollylost100

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