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Posted by Ph0z3
I have been directed over here from HowardForums for w995 modding. Im going to get one soon, and curious about the mods, I currently have a w760i and its all modded out and what not. Sadly there isnt many w995 owners over there & not much modding on the few who do have it, so a few users pointed me over here.

Anyways i was just wanting to introduce myself and say hello to everyone and will offer all the help i can on whatever subject, as well as accept any help with my questions.

heres a bit about me:

Real Name: Matt W.
Phone: SE w760i
Carrier : AT&T

Been with SE: 2 years
Modding phones : 7 months

so im still new to the scene.. so try and help me out where ya can...

Matt W.

Posted by tranced
welcome to the board and you should better do it here: Newbies Reporting

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