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Mobile Phone Privacy & Security

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Posted by krazyhaxx

I'm having serious privacy & security issues with my mobile phone. My N70 S60 phone is so nakad it doesn't even have any embedded apps for proper file/folder management and anti virus software.
I wanted to password-protect my messages folder & gallery so my girl can stop q'ing me about all the naked hootchiez she findz there.
Can any1 recommend any sis/jar app 4 me (prefarably freeware) that i can use b4 i lose my beloved wife to be over a stupit naked phone.

Posted by ChrizChild
ohH, i see try to dload (zplus) it has a password protection, so you can hide ur sms msg, your contact friends, and even your whole gallery.. that's a .sis file and your mobile can read that application,

hmmm, i thnk you're cheating your wife that's why you need that application, sory about that because Im a frank person.. I hope u don't mind anyway dload that app so u can hide your privacy,

Posted by krazyhaxx
Can u pls hook me with dload link 4 the zplus app. The links i'm googlin r all dead.
P.S. i ain't cheatin on my princess or anything like that. Its jus dat my OTHER line of work WEBMASTER cums wit a whole lot of b/s like dat.

Posted by ChrizChild
here's the dload link bro:


try it now, and hide your files as soon as posible ) just feedback for d result..
I hope it will help you a Lot..

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