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Vodafone launches new Internet service

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Posted by masseur
Reuters article

LONDON (Reuters) - Vodafone announced a new Internet service on Thursday, offering access to a host of integrated social networks and applications, in its fight to grow data revenues and compete with smartphones like the iPhone.

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
The link won't load for me on my slow connection. Is this the 360 service? Supposedly it replaces live! as their internet portal. Hopefully it isn't just a European thing though.

They also announced a couple of Samsung handsets which are presumably Vodafone exclusive and covered in branding.
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Posted by Bonovox
I hope its an update of their live! portal its getting a little stale that after all these years need something new & exciting. Most networks portals are a little bland

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
It must be only a matter of time before the Vodafone/Microsoft legal battle. They're both using the 360 and Live brands and now Microsoft is beginning to look into the mobile space. Could get interesting.

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