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Best audio recordin solution for SE phones.

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Posted by alexblueray
I have an C901.
With the default ''Record Sound'' implemented in SE menu you will get a bad quality (amr) but in ''Video Recording Mode'' the sound captation is quite good. So if you want to make a good audio recording, only solution is to record in video mode and than with a soft converter program (like Xilisoft 3gp Converter), you can take from o video movie clip recording only the sound and convert it into a regular mp3). The result is shocking.
So, my question is: It is possible to make some patch or some java application to obtain a good mp3 recording for SE phones?, because the phone can do this, but is not very confortable....Is there any solutions to do this?

I've attached some samples:
1)First file is recorded in default aplication''Record Sound'' (amr) and than converted to mp3 with Xilisoft.
2)The second one, recorded in ''Video recording'' mode(mp4, using for audio AAC codec) and that converted to mp3 with Xilisoft.


Posted by StevenC
The audio stream in videos recorded are in AAC (MP4a) format and it is much like MP3 but it isn't mp3. I strongly don't believe a patch will not be able to replace the standard Sound Recorder to record AAC, or mp3 because your phone would need a codec to do that.

The most probable solution would be to use Java Apps that can record sound using decent codec, or extract the sound from the mp4 videos.

Posted by yea g
Try using media-convert.com to extract the audio. Works brilliantly every time

Posted by TeknoBoi90
Some time ago I found gratis on Sony Ericsson Fun & Downloads site the application "Dictaphone", it's great and records in WAV, but i didn't find it anymore in PlayNow Arena...

Posted by alexblueray
If is someone who know where we can find this aplication please inform us.

Posted by strizlow800
If it was a free one, did you try file sharing sites like 4shared.com or the good old google?

P.S. As mentioned above that the application records in wav format, wouldn't the file size of the recordings be huge? Let's hope it uses some sort of copmresion.

Posted by TeknoBoi90
Guys if you're still interested in the application I found something interesting about it... The vendor is Communology and here is the link: http://www.communology.com/in[....]e=project_reference_dictaphone
With a bit of googleing, you could find something else...

Posted by virusjun2
Thanks for this one man! Keep sharing info.

Posted by mediar
This site says:

Dictaphone has been developed for Sony Ericsson and will be offered by Sony Ericssonīs web portal for fun and downloads.

But I don't see it in the Fun & Downloads portal.

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