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Recommend Me a Good FM Transmitter for C905 please

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Posted by EddieAdams
My new work truck doesn't have AUX jack or cassette and rather not invest in a new radio for my work truck. So I need a reliable fm transmitter for my c905a. Assuming the phone supports it of course, I'm hoping someone has experience with what is available and can guide me to a solid buy.
It doesn't list the c905 as a supported phone here for the MMR-60, maybe just never updated

Then there is Ebay

This one caught my eye because of the USB charger which I can use for my headset and Iphone

As always thanks for your opinions and experience....

Posted by goldenface
The MMR-60 worked with my C905. Both the MMR - 60 and 70 work quite well but the range is quite small.

Posted by EddieAdams
Thank you goldenface. Do you know if the mmr-70 works with cla-60 car charger? Will it fit? If so, will the phone recognize it through the charger?
Can't believe I have to go back to FM tuning for my devices. No wonder GM is failing....Who sells any car/truck no matter the level or use in 2009 with out a AUX input....?

Posted by goldenface
No worries. Regarding the car charger, I doubt you will be able to make them fit together looking at the design. The position of the cable on the cla-60 might prevent them from actually connecting up together.

Posted by EddieAdams
I think you're right about it not fitting. So I ended up buying this. The three item package with FREE shipping.

and this.


^^I'm not so sure about it. Will see if it is built well and fits the phone properly. Seemed the most versatile. Couldn't really find anything else. It can be returned anyway.

Thanks again

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