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How do I browse free with ucweb editable server?

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Posted by stormrider
I want help on how I can browse free with Ucweb Editable server. My operator is Zain-NG. The home page is the free site: wap.ng.zain.com

Posted by Cyborg_a0
Try this one if it works for u


the 2nd works 4 me though we have different networks and place. Just give a try. Hope it helps.

Haha i'll edit my post after almost 4months sorry for the mistake there's no http://

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Posted by virusjun2
Or you can use other proxy. Lots of cgi-based proxy posted here.

Posted by krazyhaxx
@Cyborg - I've tried both tricks but neither seems 2 work on my UCWeb7 . I can browse 4 free on Opera Mini with @ Trick http://live.vodafone.com@server4.operamini.com:80.
Isn't there a server or something for UC similar to the one we use on OM?

Posted by brys182
are you using UCweb editable server?
OM server is different from Ucweb,
try to use this on ucweb, http://live.vodafone.com.t9space.com/power/s/http/
ask cyborg he's expert in ucweb.

Posted by krazyhaxx
@brys - I'm using UCWeb 7.0beta editable. I'll try out your suggestion & get back to you. Word is bond!

Posted by kawaii

pinoys are invading
great job folks
lets get it on

Posted by Cyborg_a0
did you use vlive, if yes
try this one


ucweb has hidden server, and also ucweb server is a secret, notice what i post its only the trick, but doesnt have the server, it is because the server is already inside the app, so you only have to type the trick.


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Posted by chinito19
hi everybody... can u plis help me and plis guide me on how to use ucweb for free??? i have both ucweb 7.0 , 6.3 and 6.7.... plis help..... thanks in advance... b4 i forget, im a smart user... s60 3rd series is my phone...
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Posted by nomben
try mr cyborg's suggestion, better if you'll use an editable server ucweb,

Posted by anningg
@cyborg,how to i make the t9space trick into a ip trick since am using cellc and only ip trick works?

Posted by chinito19
@ nomben...... hndi k kc alam panu gagawin yun e... paki guide po ako kung wat lalagay dun s mga querry..... saka ung phone setting para s connection.... ucweb 7,6.7 ska 6.3 po ako meron... mga editable server po..... saka my cnsbi po cla n freesite na gagamitin??

Posted by liesperit
can u helped me too.im from malaysia and using a celcom as network
my hompepage is...htp://wap.celcom.net.my

Posted by sandeepvo
can anyone help me in using free internet in india?
network is aircel
phone is c905a

Posted by litemint
put this on the front query of ucweb handler,


or change the @ with .

you can find more cgi's here,

its a matter of finding a working cgi for it to work. Gudluck!

Posted by r3dzy
Guys,please try this in ucweb

Front query:


Or try no ip no port

Tested,working in bolt and gmaps
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Posted by Nhyrohale23
Huwaw helo der can i ask something? Hihi

Posted by Cyborg_a0
There i edited my post for almost 4month i didn't notice there was a mistake in my post it shouldn't have http://

Posted by r3dzy
@nhyro-may i help you wihihi.

Posted by Bheng18
ucweb7 can't access facebo0k..everytime i try t0 access fb all i can see r the chinese letters with box..and i think it's n0t the fb h0mepage..grrr..

Posted by Excalibur69
you may also try flyproxy.com, here's the code for the front query:


make sure to change your Phone's IP to: @ port 80...

Posted by Nhyrohale23
Xure red am asking if the ucweb and bolt can stream live channels? Hihi
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