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New Forum Search engine installed!

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Posted by laffen
New search engine for the forum is installed. It's quicker and much more accurate than the old one was.
Give it a try and let me know if you find any bugs.


Posted by Mr Miyagi
seems good. just typed in k850 and brought results in:

Result 1-10 of about 2747 in (0.040 seconds)

Posted by masseur
sorry, but thats not a very good example.

its more about the quality of the results, and as with any search engine the better the criteria the better the results. so typing a single phone model name into the search isn't really how it will generally be used as people tend to search for actual problems using appropriate keywords

any feedback for such requests?

Posted by tranced
Loving we could now search in different forums. Useful when not remembering whether we saw it here or there moments.

Posted by laffen
I agree with masseur

Using a single word as the search phrase will most likely not return wanted results. The more words you add, the easier it will be for the search engine to return correct results. The most used words written in the forum (exept for stopwords like the, to, and, it, on etc) are:
1. phone (found 636970 times)
2. sony - 265040 times
3. nokia - 255945
4. ericsson - 253970
5. phones - 178'
6. mobile - 172'
7. p800 - 161'
8. firmware - 146'
9. camera - 139'
10. problem - 134'

So searching for "firmware", "nokia" or "camera" will return up to 255000 posts. And I guess that this is not what you want.
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Posted by MWEB
Who the hell searches for "phone" Lol, nice improvement on the whole

Posted by petrutms
much better !!!!!!! thank you for the good work.

Posted by shelly58
I like it! i like it! very good and fast just typed x1 and got the results i wanted in super quick time! one happy bunny here

Posted by jcwhite_uk
Nice new search facility
One problem that I have found is when you goto My posts and then search there. You type what to search for and then click search and all it does is take you to the new search page and not what you searched for.
This is the same for all members so i am now unable to search for a result made by a member. I have searched my posts for stuff many times before the chnage was made and found this quite useful.
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Posted by Lightspeed_x
This search engine is definitely better than the old one, however, i found that when i click on the search link at the top of the page, it takes me to the old search page, when i write my search criteria and press search, then it takes me to the new search page.

I think this might be related with jcwhite_uk search problem...

EDIT: I found the address the search link at the top of the page redirects me is: http://www.esato.com/search.php
and when i press the search button on the old search page, the link it takes me to is: http://www.esato.com/board/search.php

Maybe the link needs to be fixed...
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Posted by tranced
and now we're able to seach in the same thread:

btw, can this method be added to seach within specific forums?

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Posted by bateer
Is the new search engine case sensitive? I mean special characters in a word im looking for.. Thanks..

Posted by brys182
thanks, i am able to search in own thread pages.

Posted by lingqiang08
thanks, i've tried it, very well

Posted by boy.in.PINK
the search engine for the web is, yes, effective.. (gee, thanks sir laffen)

but how about the mobile.esato.com users like me?! i'm always using the mobile website for my pentium mmx laptop so that it won't eat my resources such as the RAM and CPU..

thanks a lot anyway.. good day ^_^

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