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o2 upgrade suggestions

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Posted by larry 68
I'm coming to the end of my 2yr contract where i got a free k850i with 400mins and 600 txts , free o2 to o2 at 25 a month.
Just tried their online upgrade which is pants.

My question is what should i be looking to get from them as upgrade in terms of phone and mins etc

My main interest is in the camera and not a lover of Nokias.
never upgraded before as this is 1st contract phone and advice much appreciated.

Posted by weirdwilli
In April when I upgraded from a cashback line rental on a 30 p/m contract I haggled and got 600 minutes, 2000 texts and unlimited internet with a free C905 for just 20 a month

I have to say I'm regretting it already, although the internet was originally fine, albeit a bit slow it's not not working at all and calls are often send straight to voicemail even when I have full signal and texts can come in a day later than they are sent
I've had this problem with my iPhone 2G although I've been using an O2 Orbit a bit and it's the same with that too and my old K850

Posted by nicv27
Although you say the main interest is the camera what about touch screens? My mate uses a Samsung Pixon 8mp which he thinks is great and apparently there is a 12mp version coming also there is a 12mp Sony Ericsson due very soon.
Regarding Minutes/texts see how many you use and what you are paying at the minute and if you want more try and get more for the same monthly payment, If you use data on your phone try and get them to chuck in a data plan as well.
Try looking at tariffs offered by other networks and if one appeals ask o2 for that
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Posted by larry 68
Thanks for the suggestions / advice so far.
I've never tried or even handled a touch phone so may be i should go and have a play with some.
I do enjoy the camera even if the one on k850i is pants, it was the cam that made me go contract in the 1st place.

Got myself a panasonic lumix digi now so think id be disappointed with the new 12mp phones, the Idou or whatever its release name is does seem tempting but im nervous now of the new generation phones being as dogged with problems as the k850i turned out to be.

I never get through my call /text allowance unless im on holiday and data was never important but recently started using it and racking up extra spend on top of my bill.

Is it best to phone o2, can you go in the store and do it ? bought this one online without ever stepping foot in a store and looking

sorry for the questions, 18 months / 2yrs is a long time if i make a mistake.

Posted by nicv27
i always phone o2 i think you get better deals from them rather than in store, but have a look online to see what their phone range is and what tariff appeals to you

Posted by Bonovox
As far as I know Phones4U already have the Pixon12 though dont quote me on that. Maybe you can upgrade through Phones4U though thats a risk in itself lol

Posted by nicv27
he`s never upgraded before i suggest you keep away from Phones 4 u - lol

Posted by Mr Miyagi
Larry how about a w995 as a phone? And when it comes to mins and sms. it really depends on what you actually use per month. I mean the mins and sms you mentioned if that seems to be doing you fine. Then you should really try and get them to give you a good s.e phone and then a discount on the line rental? However if you are looking at more mins, and more sms, then ask them what they can through in for more mins but at the same price you are paying at the moment?

No much point going for a high MP camera phone when you have a digital camera. Thats my own opinion though. I mean i too have the k850 and won't ever get a camera phone more than 5MP as I have now got a sony 12MP digital camera which will do me for my camera needs.

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