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Vodafone announces broadband speed upgrade to 14.4 Mbps

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Posted by jcwhite_uk
Vodafone will be offering an enhanced mobile broadband network in areas where there is the highest demand.

The upgrade will allow users of the operator’s mobile broadband service access to speeds of 14.4 Mbps.

The network upgrade has already been carried out in London, Manchester and Birmingham, where the network said there is a high demand. It will now continue to roll out across the UK.

The operator claims the upgrade to the network will ultimately benefit 80% of Vodafone data card, dongle and 3G handset users.

The company is currently pushing in the mobile broadband sector and will be announcing further products and devices later this year.

Vodafone UK, chief technology officer, Jeni Mundy, said: ‘Today’s network upgrade means customers can be reassured we’re consistently enhancing the quality of our network in response to demand.’


Posted by carkitter
14.4Mbps? That's nothing; in New Zealand, Vodafone is rolling out 21Mbps in October and by Christmas a second mobile network (Telecom NZ) will also have 21Mbps. We are however behind the UK in receiving Vodafone branded femtocells though.

In Australia, Telstra made 21Mbps HSDPA available in Feb to business users and in April to everyone else. By Christmas they are promising 42Mbps in places...
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Posted by Bonovox
Ah the UK behind as usual Well its all well & good but so far my experience of mobile 'broadband' has been somewhat SLOW. Even in good coverage areas but now they talk of these speeds when half the time your lucky to see a simple page load. They need to concentrate on what they already are doing before making bold claims of such speeds. Do you actually ever get them speeds in NZ in the real world? Bet my sister in law who is from Wellington wishes she was living back there she hates the UK networks lol. I hear Vodafone saying they are the best in the UK for mobile broadband but I am yet to try it because where I live they have had zero 3G coverage since 2002 or sometime like that. But is it true that Vodafone squeeze the bandwidth to save capacity? Which results in pictures not looking as good
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Posted by idumbakumar
Thats ok. But in india the condition is very worst no 3G,no EDGE, only GPRS that too operators charging too much money. I heard 3G is coming in BSNL but I dont know when.

Posted by carkitter

Aussies regularly see actual speeds of 7Mbps in the 21Mbps areas I understand.
In Auckland its common to get 2.5 - 6.2 Mbps if your in the right place.
Like the UK we get at least 1Mbps everywhere.

As discussed elsewhere, femtocells will bring us closer to the theoretical maximums.

Posted by Bonovox
Ok well thats good then lucky you lot down under lol. We can only dream for now. It would be amazing having that speed on a portable device. Its funny how alot of the UK network are so worldwide yet in the country where they came from they are so far behind everyone else. Bizarre indeed.

Posted by lukechris
at least 1mb in the UK, I can see 0.2 or less on my broadband at peak times, but it is improving, where I live their rolling out 20mb broadband even at peak times, so let's see.

Posted by carkitter
I read an article online that said a survey in the UK recently uncovered an average 3G speed of 1Mbps.

We get about the same. At home I get 1.2Mbps-1.5Mbps depending on the time of day (or night)
I've done speedtests around Auckland at 1.7Mbps - 2.6Mbps and I've seen a local speedtest posted online that was 6.2Mbps.
That's for VodafoneNZ with 500,000+ subscibers; on the new TelecomNZ XT network with only 165,000 subscibers, speeds are regularly 3Mbps -3.6Mbps.

I understand Dogmann was getting very fast 3G speeds in London on VodafoneUK.

BTW, in the UK a lot of your dwellings are quite old and of brick construction which reduces reception quality indoors.
In NZ our houses are built from cardboard and matchsticks (effectively) so the signal goes straight thru.
And I'm 300m from one macrocell, 600m from another, and 1.3Kms from a third...
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Posted by Bonovox
Carkitter your right there regarding our buildings. The hotel whereI work it is a listed building dating back to before Victorian times. The walls are so thick that getting decent reception at work is very hard. The best performers for getting through them thick walls are Vodafone & strangely T Mobile

Posted by lukechris
Strange but not strange, they'll be on different masts, so they will be closer and further.

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