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Aug25th - UCWEB 7 Leaked translated by New88 - Globe Only!

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Posted by litemint

Software Name: UCWEB7.0Java
UCWEB V7.0.0.33 JAVA pf70(CN) (Build time 09081818) Private beta version: UCWEB V7.0.0.33 JAVA pf70 (CN) (Build time 09081818)

New Features:
1. In the night mode, change the color of the empty boxes, and more gentle.
2. The system has increased by setting Enter the URL of intelligent address input.
3. More changes to further improve the speed of their own to be discovered.
4. Copy the page can be edited and then saved.
5. To open wap transfer can also be compressed on the phone Tencent Network
PS: Because it is private beta, so the software is still adjusting, some features not to join, there may be some problems.

Main optimization of private beta changes:

1. color: the title bar brightness increase, title bar buttons below (home page, bookmarks, etc.) is slightly dimmed, and add a texture.
2. by adding the window pop-up animation, for example, just pop-up window.
3. enter the URL bar pop-up position in the top of the independent, intelligent web site adaptation functions, the final version will be optimized.
4. open the Web page speed optimization Web page for the WWW more pictures to the text of priority.Web page download speed improved significantly.

[+] Description
Filetype: Jar
Filesize: 288kb
Network: GLOBE with or w/o proxy

[+] Direct Links
hotlinks, Fileave

Here are some of the L3 proxies provided by bentot

Credits to Agent New88

Pls level up my pet, by clicking it. thanks!
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Posted by brys182
thanks bro lite,

pidbakers later hihi,
wala eng nito bro?hihi

calling wingcom eto na fresh from bro lite, hihi

Posted by bateer
@ lite.. W0w bag0.! Pa try ha?! Zunngggg..
Awts.. D nga pala ak0 makad0wnload s hotlink.. Pa upload nman s sharemobile.. Plz..?
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Posted by oOonobodyoOo
i'd like to try this but apparently it's too large to be saved..nways, i thank u at ilelevel up ko pa rin yang pet mo! Gbu!

Posted by Kramparadz
Feedback later, san pala class server nito?

Posted by brys182
pidbakirz now bro,
ayaw gumana sakin, no ip no port ako, hmmmm anything wrong?
network failure bro..
ganda pa naman sana yung new features.

Posted by futureCPA
i'll try it later super lite!!! later n rn aq mgpidbak!!! wheeeeeee....
tnx 4 sharing!!!!

Posted by virusjun2
Same network failure usin globeinet

Posted by Jamie06
Sir phingi nman ng drect link ung sa 110mb.com kc ayaw sa hotlink eh..tnx in adv..

Posted by wingcom
haha lol@brys

anyway, matry nga ^^

sabi ko na eh ucweb ung naamoy ko amp

Posted by kpax1684
Papa lite thanks for sharing, pa upload naman nyan s 110mb.com tp0s palagay narin poh ng proxysite para kpg dinowload eh free na... Hehehehe... Demanding... Cge n papalite globe naman toh eh... Nka globe n ako ngaun...

Posted by Kramparadz
N0t working din skin...

Posted by wingcom
i used globe inet pero ayaw

nung ginamit ko ung globe connect, pede n xa until naka punta me sa home... like dun sa screenshot #2... den rytafter dat, i tried browsing sa yahoo ytube.mobe but nothing happened.... not working?

Posted by wawangkoboy
feedback time!!
@lite tnx bro working sya sken..auz dme q n ult ndownload n mp3..tnx ult..

Posted by wingcom

matry nga ulit

Posted by Kramparadz

On 2009-08-25 08:39:57, wawangkoboy wrote:
feedback time!!
@lite tnx bro working sya sken..auz dme q n ult ndownload n mp3..tnx ult..

nu gmit mung ip?

Posted by wawangkoboy port80
parang saken lang ata gumana ah

Posted by futureCPA
pidbak tym!

nainstall q po using dfault settngs kya lng pgngsearch n.. now loading po muna den mgging loaded aftr dat loaded ok and den...



jejeje hndi q n po alam hanggng dun lng po kc eh.. nothng appears on d screen po..
try q w/ d use of proxy..

i shall return.. wheeee!

Posted by jdnodcam
Connecting......feedback later

Update: network failure
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Posted by Mysticpink
Gumana e2 s N70 ko kaya lng bglang nagloop s chinese search engine (4got d name) tpos nagclick nman ako ng links dun puro connecting n lng. Bkit kya?

Posted by goodha67
natry ko ito wid orig l3 proxy.nakapasok ako esato then asia pacific.pag click asia pacific,pumupunta na sa chinese page m.olx.com@xxx.hangang dun lang ako.fyi and update.

Posted by looking4free
working here, n70 user

Posted by futureCPA

same exp w/ goodha.. pro mdlas page load error aq.. hmmm..

Posted by litemint
eto nga guys paki try

eto direct link

Posted by brys182
bro not working sakin to,,
no ip no port, huhu..
bakit kaya? ung dati bro na UCweb working sakin
yung nakakalito ang version 6.6 din nag aappear sa screen 6.3.hihi
may cgi ata yung ginamit mo nun bro..

Posted by oOonobodyoOo
ahm lite..question lang po re sa previous thread nyo po about ucweb for globe, working pa po ba yung mga yun to this date? So with kuya rhoncris thread..Maganda kasi ang ucweb for downloading eh unlike om4.2 di me makadownload

Posted by litemint
@brys, my link kaba nun? tignan ko ang server na ginamit, heheh
@jane, working pa siguro un, di naman binablocked ng globe ung server nun, yata. hehehe

Posted by brys182
bro lite,
hihi di ko alam ko san dito sa pc ko, sa dami ng mga dndownload ko na ucweb hikhik.
6.3-7 lahat mga mod mo bro hihi, nung una pa to,, mya pang smart, globe at all net hihi.
panu ko kaya hailapin to hihi try ko burahin to tapos mag iinstall ako uli for testing hihi

Posted by oOonobodyoOo
ahm ganun poh ba? Try ko nga hukayin yung mga yun..haha..tinry ko po ung editable ucweb courtesy of macneth, ayaw po gumana, ang tagal tagal po maginitialize checking then nag-error po after loading finished..nway, thanks poh for the reply!

Posted by wawangkoboy
@lite bro nandyan n pla c new88 hehe..

Posted by jbpseudo
Hi litemint. Hi others
Please try this server mod by me for Globe

Posted by goodha67
@boss lite
ive tried the 2nd link you provided. still the same issue when i clicked asia pacific. m.olx.ph@xxx(chinese webpage). although sa ibang website like gsmarena, walang problema. dito lang sa esato.fyi and update again.many thanks

Posted by futureCPA
hehe same result p dn super lite..

tnx 4 sharing! try q rn sau.. feedback aq later!

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Posted by Krauser_zero
Nabanned aq. . batet kea...

Posted by Excalibur69
@Litemint, idol, ayaw gumana sa akin ng UCWeb7 mod version mo.
@jbpseudo, thanks a lot bro...working 'yong version mo sa LG KP500 ko...ambilis both with and without proxy.

Posted by jbpseudo
Sorry buddy can't understand you. I know only english . Thanks anyway for trying

Posted by oOonobodyoOo
hi there, thanks for sharing this with us though apparently the file's too large to be saved on my phone..ahm btw, let me just ask where you hail from coz u said you dnt get excalibur..don't u understand tagalog?

Posted by futureCPA
huwaw! spokening dollars pla c jb! whaha cant undrstand our native tongue..

kabagang, itz ur tym 2 shine! ikw n bhala ky jb! whahaha i jst have limited vocabulary kc eh! jejeje

Posted by aquared29

On 2009-08-26 14:14:08, jbpseudo wrote:
Hi litemint. Hi others
Please try this server mod by me for Globe

thanks for sharing and it works for me using globe network no ip and port

bro i cant make it work on yours (ucweb) maybe you have to change your server ngek napa spokeng dollar tuloy

Posted by Excalibur69
@jbpseudo, sorry bro, I thought you're a Filipino because you have created a modified version of UCWeb7 for our local network here (Globe). Anyway, I am just conveying my gratitude to you for I have made it run on my LG KP500...it worked fast both with or without proxy.

Posted by jbpseudo
Hi guys . Thanks a lot for the responses, especially the ones in english . I am from Chennai India. I have already released modded version of uc7 for our network here(reliance). But just thought of helping you guys too . Glad it works . I think I will create one for smart network too. He he

Posted by jbpseudo
Too bad you can't install it .
Anyway, does UCWEB v5(193kb) work on your phone? I think I can mod it for globe/smart. Would you be interested?

Posted by goodha67
@jb of india,
many thanks. it works and your version solved an issue from litemint's version(if you click asia pacific link,it goes to a chinese page all the time).what i did on your version was i typed wap.esato.com instead of mobile.esato then when i clicked asia pacific,it went through,although with text ads.
re you working with a version for smart,i wish you good luck.telco mentioned is like shiva the slayer/destroyer
(of proxies).:-)

Posted by brys182
jbpseudo is here, jesus of suburdia.
thanks for sharing bro,
i've tried looking this ucweb version
at ucwebforum yesterday and now it's finally here
in esato.hihi
together with new88
thank you for sharing this.
hoping for more mods to come here...
[ This Message was edited by: brys182 on 2009-08-26 23:29 ]

Posted by jbpseudo
Thank you friends. Here is the mod for Smart

Posted by jbpseudo
Hi all . In my country UCWEB 5 is still used by many(due to better uploading speed and better javascript support than v6). If you'd also like this version, here is the mod for Smart

Posted by Kramparadz
@jb can you m0d symbian ucweb?

Posted by jbpseudo
Here is uc5 for globe

Posted by jbpseudo
Not possible for me. Coz these tricks requires the character count to be increased which can be done in java version but not in symbian. If I try to increase character count in the symbian binary file, the app crashes at launch . I am still looking for some workarounds.

Posted by oOonobodyoOo
hi good morning, everybody here is pleased to meet you, pardon about last night coz never did i suppose that you're an Indian that's y i wondered y you didn't get one of my fellows here and also for wasn't able to respond to u further for i ran out of my spokening dollar, coz you know what, our english has expiration period & worse sometimes speaking english gets us sick, i mean not all of us but most of us,haha..don't mind it, it's just a jest!
anyway sir, we're quite delighted that you went out your way and reached out to us. We're just so impressed for you're able to make it worked for our network(though i haven't tried yet personally) considering we are of different country & mobile network. You must be very good to be able to do it. Ur coming's so timely coz we've had experiencd wrking server prob for d past wks or so esp for those smart users, in fact, as a result most of us here hav already switcd to smart biggest rival w/c is globe. That's y we're just so glad u came out of d blue & share wat u've got. Am sure u'll b a great help for all of us here & we truly apprecia8 ur kindness. That's so pro-active of u. We thank u a bunch!
Btw, u mentioned if i'd b interestd, u'd modfy ucweb wit a lil less fyl size than that u've already given us. Obcourse, i'd b so much intrestd in that & it'd b highly appreciatd. Achully, i got an s40v5 phone globe net, & as i've noticd it can only take in jar file no higher than 257kb, in excess to that cn't b anymore. So there, i hope u can mod wit just a bit lower size so i can possibly run it on my phone. Not just for me but also for d rest of my fellows 'er much more for those who've stayed loyal with smart after all the recessions they've been through. We look forward to ur help & we hope that u'll call on us often. Once agen, our gratitude for ur generous heart. Have a great day!

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