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Free Globe Mobile Internet Using Opera Mini 2.00 (need HELP)

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Posted by mobdeep
I live in England and is there any way in which i can browse internet for FREE by using opera mini 2.00

i have a W595


Posted by mrjulius
Hehe try om4.2
Go to this site

Posted by mobdeep
how can i get free internet by using om 4.2 ?

Posted by ChrizChild
in your 2.00, try 2 put your network freesite in address 2 connect and check also the box "shadow connect" I don't know f this will work in your operator, try it bro

Posted by Liontiger
Have you noticed that this is an asia pacific forum? But it's okay some are willing to help u here

[ This Message was edited by: Liontiger on 2009-08-24 15:31 ]

Posted by litemint
What trick can you do in england? What is ur homepage of ur network?

Say my regards to mr. Bean.

Posted by dennevhyn_31
@MOBDEEP: have you seen mr. bean personally? hehehe kindly say hello to mr. rowan atkinson. he's my idol. hahaha. :)

Posted by brys182
send my regards to mr. Bean cartoon version hihi,
welcome to Philippines,

here comes boss dennevhyn and the rest of his team to assist
about your query hihi,
[ This Message was edited by: brys182 on 2009-08-25 01:01 ]

Posted by stamon
plss help me 2 work free internet in my globe opera mini
my unit nokia7610 plsssss help

Posted by stamon
plss help me 2 use my opera mini 4.2 and 2.00 ,,opera mini 3 plsss help i use globe sim
nokia 7610 plssss

Posted by quitilenruby
plss help me on how to use om 2.00 or 4.2..i have modded 4.2 too..but i don;t know how to use change the settings....my unit is nokia 6300...
[ This Message was edited by: quitilenruby on 2010-08-15 07:24 ]

Posted by ji.jane2003
hello po new lang po ako dito.. any1 can help me paano magamit ang OM sa iphone 3Gs? plssssss

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