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Changes to Orange UK T's and C's

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Posted by fatreg
Lots of people have had texts saying Orange are changing T's and C's of their tariffs....

As a result of said changes you are as a partner in the legally binding contract allowed to cancel it.

Please see


I've used it to get money off my tariff every month

Posted by .R.
Wish O2 would do something like that... I want to get out of my 18 month contract already... its been only 8 months now. Oh well.

Posted by Mr Miyagi
All networks let you have this chance to end contract early, if they change the T and C's. For example when NGN (non geographical number such as 0870 etc) was made chargeable on O2, they allowed customer's who signed up to the original t and c's which said these numbers were free to end contract early.

Posted by Bonovox

Posted by .R.
@Mr Miyagi - I didnt know that. When was this though?

I just had a look at the T&C's and they changed them in Jan '09... so Im a bit late
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Posted by Mr Miyagi
I guess it was before Jan 2009 then.

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