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Decrease file size and keep volume with Winamp. Easy way.

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Posted by wlagalvez
1) First of all. YOU must have installed Winamp (I have 5.56 PRO). I don't know if it works for any other version. Just give it a try.

2) Drag songs into the playlist.

3) Then select a song and right click.

4) Will appears a menu. Select "Send To", "Format Converter"

5) Next will splash the "Format Converter Configuration Window".

6) From that window, go to "Encoding Format", and select the 6th option "MP4/accPlus (HE-ACC) Encoder v1.28a

7) In "accPlus Encoder Options", select the bitrate - I have 40kbps (below of 40 or 32 the SOUND QUALITY as well file size will decrease)

This is the last step and the MOST important one, select "Channel Mode", then select "Parametric Stereo" (if you select other mode it won't work).

9) The file will be saved as mp4 (something like that, but almost all the SE phones run compatibility)

10) example: a music file of 3mb, converted with these settings will be a 900kbtes "(sound quality as well loud reduces little bit)

11) GIVE A TRY, and then tell me the results.



Posted by broad.mind
thanks for the share, and have you tried disc2phone? its easy to use SE software.. it supports 32kbps and same as winamp file size reached 1mb and above, depends on the quality of the original song.. lower bitrate, awful results but comsume's less memory..hehe

Posted by StevenC
MP4 quality is worse than MP3. I have always used (since 2005) latest Lame MP3 encoder which is the best known MP3 encoder as it is updated regularly. From my experience, Lame MP3 (v3.98.2) 96kbps is better than MP4 160kbps. The tiny loss with that codec makes it perfect to encode any type of music.

Posted by broad.mind
is that a paid software?

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