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Vodafone handling of VAT peeves me off

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Posted by Miss UK
Vodafone would be the kewlest UK network if they Included VAT within your Plan but they don't,
MY Bill is 32.49 this month and with VAT added 4.87 that could give me some GAS or Electric for my PAYG Meter!

Im so not happy they should sort this out and include it within your plan

edit: title changed, was "VAT peeves me off"
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Posted by Bonovox
Ah i remember some years back having a Vodafone bill and the VAT was so high and i remember too it not being included.

Posted by Daedalus85
Surely all the prices they advertise in their brouchures and instore include VAT though?

Posted by lukechris
I thought that too. There's only wholesalers in the uk where they don't

Posted by Miss UK
@ Luke and James,
All those are included but I think to haul in customers what they fail to tell you though
is when you get your bill you will be paying more which isn't of course nice lol

Posted by Superluminova
Sorry but all of prices displayed in Vodafone stores include VAT (apart from the business plans), what you see on your bill is the line rental charge without VAT, then any extra charge you incurred (if you have any) and then VAT @ 15% is added onto this to give you the total at the bottom of your bill.

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