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Vodafone Prepay Abroad

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Posted by Mr Miyagi

What are the best options for Vodafone Prepay outside the UK? Outside European Union though? Is it true that sms can can be sent free from outside the UK? I know on contract with o2 1 sms equals 4. What is the deal with Vodafone and what can be offered as extra's. Does anyone knw?



Posted by imazz
Info is here:-

Link text...

As long as you have opted in to vodafone passport you will be able to text for the same rate as you text in the UK from 35 european countries and Australia and New Zealand.

This offer ends 31 August 2009.

Pretty good, but surely you aren't on Vodafone Mr Miyagi ?
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Posted by Bonovox
Whats wrong with Vodafone apart from crap call quailty?

Posted by Miss UK
Doesn't Mr Miyagi work for 02 im stunned are you coming over to Vodafone then

You should ring Customer care or visit the eforum which would get you your answer,
Vodafone are offering something atm with Countries till blah blah such a date I got a message of them weeks ago but didn't take much notice

@ Bono, Crap call quality? ive never experienced that but with 02 that was another matter which
im not discussing right now

Posted by Mr Miyagi
thanks for replies. nope i am not coming from vodafone lol. i am making an enquiry for a friend of mines who is on vodafone and is not too sure.

Posted by Bonovox
Yes they do use Vodafone Passport which is very good. Miss UK yes i think Vodafone have very distorted horrible call quality thats noisy. Same as O2. Orange is the best anyway enough of that its not the subject here lol.

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