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Orange UK data/call/roaming price drop

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Posted by Alpha Trion
Recieved a text this morning with a link to orangeworld outlining their plans to reduce costs from 14 sept 2009

14th sept - min call charges outside your allowance to be 14.7p (fixed lines/mobiles & answer phone)
- roaming texts in europe reduced by 60% to 10.8p

23rd sept - data costs down from 1.47 to 58.7p per day (subject to 25MB fair use policy)

Posted by Bonovox
Its all getting better regarding roaming though i bet they will take it back with the other hand somewhere by putting up prices in another field.

Posted by Alpha Trion
yeah no doubt they will but hey its a start anyway. Think roaming charges (especially in & around Europe) will get very competitive within the next year or so between all operators.

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