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The first 0 per month contract goes "on sale"

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Posted by Bonovox
3uk is now offering a sim zero contract for 0 per month with a simple 30 day notice period. The catch is that you get no bundle of calls or texts but you do get unlimited Skype to Skype calls and instant messaging. In fact while you will have to pay for all other calls and texts at 20p per minute and 10p per texts or 30p per megabyte of data low users can benefit by not using up an allowance for the sake of it. See www.three.co.uk Source of info What Mobile. I see no point in this tariff.

Posted by RLP06
Might aswell just get a free PAYG sim to avoid accidently charging stuff to your phone, comes with free skype and windows live as well.

Posted by number1
There is no point in 3UK doig this, when there pay-and-go deals are so good, i topped up 20quid, got 1000 free texts & 150mb of internet, also there bolt-ons are good value aswell.

Posted by fluke9
There is a point to it, you never run out of credit, it is always ready to use.

Posted by hihihans
good marketing
0 will attract some new customers, who'll spend more then they want.

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