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Where's Dogmann these days ?

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Posted by ofiaich
Hi everyone!

Wondering where Dogmann is these days ?

Haven't seem him since end of January maybe,,,,

I remember " Dogmanns Back not that sort of back! " thread but seems he is not !

Haven't seen sapporobaby either !

wondering where they are now ! I miss their comment here at esato..


Posted by AbuBasim
Mr Sapporobaby hangs out at in Nokia's forums these days.

Posted by psikey
Probably like many of us "old" ones!!

Moved on to other things.

I keep popping in from time to time myself but nothing like multiple times per day I used to be on.

Partly due to the poor showing of new SE handsets based on UIQ.

Still stick with my W960i as nothings come out to tempt me away yet
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Posted by iksplusipsilon
I asked the same question while ago... It seems that he decided not to participate any more (as I've been told). I miss his posts too. Even if I didn't agree sometimes, he was nice contrast to some raging fanboys we have here . :)

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Posted by Indeed
I used to be on here when Esato first started. I forgot my password so I used another username.

Now I'm back under my original username.

Posted by Dups!
The man was spot on on many things about SE. He was among the first ones, years ago, to predict SE's downfall. Pity if he has decided to leave, I know the hardcore SE fanboys are actually happy.

Posted by carkitter
Well this hardcore SE fanboy is certainly happy.

Mr D left of his own accord and posted a final goodbye. He then went about deleting all his posts but gave up after about 20 or so. Like Another prominant member he was dissatisfied and frustrated and his attitude painted himself into a corner. I don't miss the conflict, but it is a lot quieter around here lately... :-|

Posted by ofiaich
Hi everybody !

I wonder who the other prominent member was?

Pity people fall out of discussions on mobile phone issues

S-E's handsets certainly do not meet my needs at the moment, even their Windows offering but then only a few handsets do meet my needs

Anyway, if he and others choose to come back, I hope they will be welcomed.

Ofiaich :-

Posted by carkitter

On 2009-05-13 22:01:20, carkitter wrote:
Like Another prominant member...

On 2009-05-14 09:20:39, ofiaich wrote:
Hi everybody !

I wonder who the other prominent member was?...

Look closer, I've made the clue more obvious.

Posted by ofiaich

maybe Axxxr, last post 2007 Jul 22 I think,,


Posted by Tsepz_GP
Dogmann posts quite a lot over at HowardForums and Mobile-Review. He recently did a review of both OmniaHD and N97.

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