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C905 Trick

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Posted by Lunion
I'm not sure if it can be done on other mobiles because I haven't tried, but, when watching a video and you click the camera button (as if you were going to take a photo) it saves as a screenshot into your 'Pictures' folder.

If something like this has been posted before, just delete the topic

Just thought I would let you know

Posted by daviep
just tried it,cool trick.so much easier than using the save picture option in the media manager.

Posted by SE freak
It works on the k850

Posted by daviep
not on the k750

Posted by tranced

it works on my c702.

btw, the file gets saved with the name of the video


Posted by sale987
Will that option have a lot of SE phones, i am pretty sure that the k800 can do that too. If you dont know, when you looking video in media player you can watch your video slower ...... and a lot of addons

Posted by Briscoe76
Just tried it, works perfectly....nice one!!!

Posted by Maresch

Posted by goldenface
Great thanks.

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Posted by aquared29
ya it works on my g502 and k700i capturing image of video

Posted by asanka1
i just it in my k600i. it works!! thanks a lot

Posted by x.man
me too

Posted by pinkbits69
Works on yhe W995, cheers

Posted by mimakiman
Cool trick! thanks

Posted by sitnet
It works on most a2 phones in fact, incl the c902 too.

Posted by lord_neno
it worked in k750 ^^

Posted by wahehe15
nice one m8
works great

Posted by virusjun2
keep sharing new tricks guys.

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