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All bids in market place need to be made in the thread.

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Posted by fatreg
as title.

Who agrees?

Posted by themarques
I agree to a certain point, but have to disagree for the simple fact that for certain items I might want the anonymity on bidding for 101 reasons, also you might have created a rapport with the seller and are able to get it for lower, its worked for me many times.

Posted by Nanu
I agree simply due to the fact that when bids are placed in private there's no telling if they are bogus or not, I may well discuss things with the seller/buyer in PM but always make this transparent and post back in the thread.

This is quite a close knit community so there isn't really a need for back handed gestures, and can see why people get wound up as I do too.

Also I do not agree with certain members Profiteering on here, again due to the fact that this is a close knit community and for one of us to steal a deal and then try and make a quick buck from the same community isn't quite on, but as I don't like it I steer clear of it.

I do believe Esato's Market could do with some ground rules of which are more closely regulated and enforced, HUKD is a great example of how things should be run and it is a pleasure to deal on there, people just wouldnt get away with underhand tactics on there as they do on here.

Posted by PeterKay
I think its up to the seller,

either way works for me.

Posted by number1
Bids should be in the thread, so every1 knows the highest bid and theres no confusion, but if you want to purchase something at the by it now price then you should pm.

Theres nothing wrong with Profiteering, you buy the item at a price both you and the seller is happy with your not physically forcing the seller to sell it to you for less, also you aren't forcing any1 to buy it at the higher price.
Also what about if you buy a faulty or damaged phone fix it up and sell it on for more theres nothing wrong with that.

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