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Insert SIM - C902

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Posted by sbtm
Hi everyone,

My wife's phone fell into water a few days back. Took it out of water and dried it using a hair dryer. 24 hours later, I put in the battery and the sim card back in the phone and turn it on.

I get to the insert sim screen. I have tried different sims and also took it for repair. But nothing could be done.

I am not too worried about the phone itself. More importantly, I want to get my contacts off of the phone.

Possible? I hope it is.

Posted by brayam
the water is big problm 4 phones.dnt put batry in da phone.open all ur phone and face it to sunsky few minut entel no watr in the phone.then try to inseret sim.maybe the water still in da phone its dangerous.if u are in my country i will work it...good luck

This message was posted from a SGH-D830

Posted by 0kti
if not help go to service

Posted by sbtm
Yes, I will be taking it to service in about a couple of hours.

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