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sync your phone to the web (and google)

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Posted by visionx
vufone is a backup and sync service which allows full sync of the phone to the web and to other applications such as Google Calendar, Google contacts, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook etc.

vufone is free for a whole year if you register during Feb 2009 !

go to http://www.vufone.com and register now!

Backup your mobile phone
- Regular automated backup of your phone (contacts, calendar, messages, photos, videos and music)
- No cables needed, over-the-air backup
- Safe copy of your mobile information on a secure server
- Contacts, messages, calendar, photos, videos or documents
- Restore to any new phone brand or model

Synchronize your phone with vufone or other services
- Get your Microsoft Outlook meetings or Google Calendar on your phone
- Automatically synchronize Microsoft Outlook contacts or Gmail contacts to your phone
- Synchronize your Microsoft Outlook tasks to your phone
- Use your phone contacts in Microsoft Outlook or Google contacts
- Manage your phone contacts and calendar on the web
- Periodical and automated synchronization over the air

Upload and Share your photos, videos and music
- Upload your pictures, videos and music from your mobile and view them online
- Download music, pictures and other files from the web to your phone
- Create online albums and show them to friends and family on the Web
- Send your pictures and videos to friends' phones
- Upload your mobile photos and videos to your favorite social network such as Facebook or sharing sites such as Flickr and Picasa
- View your photos and videos online in full quality

More Cool Features
- MyPersona - make your picture appear on your friends phone when you call them
- Grab pictures from any Internet site directly to your vufone account and your phone using our Internet Explorer and Firefox plug-ins.
- Turn any web picture into your phones wallpaper
- Listen to your mobile music online

Posted by Pradhika
Great. How about the price? Is it managable?

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Posted by aquared29
thanks will try it if it works

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