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Mobile applications powered by lyteMobile

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Posted by mahipv

A set of productivity and personal applications are available from LyteCube Technologies.

uPlan v 1.2 - Project Planner And Tracker
uQuote v 1.1 - Quotation Tracker
mCelluloid v 1.2 - The Movie Manager
mStash v 1.2 - The Personal Records Keeper
ZenLife v 1.2 - You and Your Posssions

More information on the applications visit http://lytecube.com/wap/ or http://lytecube.com/mobile/


Build database applications right on the Mobile, using LyteMobile
http://lytecube.com/lytemobile/ . No need to sign the applications.No annoying security questions.

The trial versions of the applications have a limit of 39 records per table.

Feedback and Comments are welcome.

Phone Requirements

CLDC 1.1 or Above
MIDP 2.0 or Above
JSR-75 Support(File System Access).
Thawte Root Certificate


Posted by aquared29
Wow thats great sir.

Posted by bateer
Big help.. Thanks for sharing..

Posted by occupied
sir, can those apps help me trimming the shrub on my backyard? thank you.

Posted by Mysticpink
Informative topic. Thanks for sharing!

Posted by shana_o7
thanks 4 sharing. bad thing i don't know how to sign apps. hmmm

Posted by Dksmile
Wow...thanx for sharing this...

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