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New time stamp.

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Posted by fatreg
me no likey.

Has anyone else noticed it and do you like it?

I don't!

Posted by Mizzle
The "19:50 Today" stuff?

Posted by gola
Lol, yeah, me neither. But I know what we would like: an option to delete our uploaded photos in the camera phone photos section...

Posted by tranced
something i've noticed it that the 'today' changes based on the server time. for example, it says 'today' out of time.

Posted by fatreg
yeah the 1950 today stuff...

1950 today is good for me in UK, but young Tranced in South America is way out of sync.

Posted by tranced
i'm in the Caribbean, mate

the servers are +GMT1:00. so all the posts made before 19:00(my local time) stops saying today while the posts made from that time say today.

Posted by lukechris
I will try and prove you wrong tranced, but I will probably fail :@
Go to preferences at the top and change your time zone to the right one, then it will work, right?

Posted by tranced
then all the posts will show a different hour.

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