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How do I unlock .dcf files?

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Posted by cipri92
I have some dcf ringtones and wallpapers and I changed the software in the phone. The they're not valid anymore. How do I make them valid?

Posted by sranjanm2002
anybody has an answer ?

Posted by mallaccra
if i'm not mistaken, dcf file is a copyright protected and locked file, the content is DRM promoted and will require DRM activation. in order to make them work on your mobilephone, click on the protected file to start the DRM activation. the phone will make a connection to the DRM server and open the WAP browser, when the DRM server authenticates your phone it will send an activation message to your phone and thus unlocked the content.

the above explanation is taken from here

Posted by sranjanm2002
You are right but i purchased W995i phone in India. Theer were 4 Bollywood movies. I don't know what happened but just after 2 months they were locked. Now when i click them to unlock them; they lead me to Sony Ericsson regular website. tell me what to do ?

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