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Accessing files on C905 over wifi

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Posted by yea g
Dunno if its already been posted but here is a tutorial of how to access files on your C905 using your wifi connection.

Step 1.
Menu>Settings>Conectivity>Network sharing.
Configure settings like this: (Just choose a random username+pass (my one is A for both))
On the new firmware, it seems this menu has been changed to just have an on/off option. Make sure its on!

(note: If you changed the default workgroup when you ran the set up home or office network wizard then use that)

Step 2.
Scroll down to your wifi network and press options
Then scroll to edit settings like so:

Click on edit settings and scroll to Network Sharing
Make sure it is on

Step 3.
In windows explorer type \\C905 in the address bar (Or enter the phone name that you set in the conectivity menu
(You may have to enter username+password, if so then enter the ones you used in step 1)

Enjoy! No wires, and no bluetooth so it works on desktops!

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Posted by sowbran
wow thanks so much greetings

Posted by gtr83
Thx a lot yea g, gonna bookmark this for when mine arrives

Posted by goldenface
Great stuff? Yea G.

Doesn't this also mean its possible to access the media files on your laptop from your C905?

Posted by yea g
Err dunno about that.

Posted by masada1971
thanks for the tutorial..works like a charm with my vaio and vista..i have access to media files as well pics,videos etc..

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Posted by yea g
You know, if you set up your router to allow port 80 connections, you could type into a webbrowser anywhere in the world http://[your ip]/C905. I think, I'm not to sure since the telecom firmware on my router stops me from port forwarding.

Posted by StarZtorm
Thanks! been wondering how to make it work the username\\password is case sensitive.

Posted by 5N4K3
i doesn't seem to work with me i entered the right phone name but still it gives me a msg saying that check the name...any help...did everything as told

Posted by nezbit
Great tip, works a treat.fil

If anyone knows how to do it the other way and access files on the network from my phone please let me know?


Posted by therealdeal
hey, does this work only with the C905? :-/

Posted by yea g
Hould work on any featurephone with wifi (g705, C905, W715, W705 etc.)

Posted by fjnty5
dam good m8!

Posted by yea g

On 2009-01-22 23:11:54, 5N4K3 wrote:
i doesn't seem to work with me i entered the right phone name but still it gives me a msg saying that check the name...any help...did everything as told

Sometimes you need to restart your pc/phone/router the first time.

Posted by TomEngland
Amazing! thanks so much easyer for pulling music off my phone @ school

Posted by Londonmandan

i have done all the above and nothing

any ideas?

Posted by altemyr
Unless you set up an Ad Hoc network between your PC and your phone, you problably connect both your phone and your PC to a newtwork router. If so, it may be the case that the router does not support DNS and transfer the computer names over the network. Try to access your phone by using the IP address it got in your network, e.g. \\ It's possible that you can see it in your phone, otherwise you can see it if you log on to your router, look for attached devices or something.
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Posted by barareklam
I am doing this first time. There is only network sharing off/on. I choose on and my PC can find my c905. BUT it asks for account/password. I do not know where to choose account/password on phone. Never asked? Only sharing on/off?

Posted by yea g
I had that a few times. Just restart pc/phone

Posted by golemsmate
it works good, it'll help when trying to connect to other laptops too!

Posted by gtr83
I've got an Ad Hoc Network set up on my laptop but I can't seem to share the internet connection with the phone, while I can share the connection between laptops easy. Any ideas mates?

Posted by yea g
I don't actually know if it works over ad hoc, you might have to try some different settings

Posted by MrMojo1
Don't forget to check if you encrypted your network.

This is the main problem that most people have in that they forgot they encrypted their network!
Look for the encryption type and type in the password into the phone's Wifi setting then save!

You may want to shut OFF the Wifi feature when NOT in use to conserve battery life!

Good luck!

Posted by strizlow800
This tutorial seem interesting... Anyway, has anybody idea how to do this with smartphones (Symbian UIQ I mean)??? If it is possible of course...

Posted by altemyr
Just saw that I already have written about the same thing. Please remove this entry
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Posted by steve2k

i did it!

but when i try to open a folder on my laptop ( i can see all the folders memeory stick and phone)

my c905 turns out. black screen , then after a while its on again.

does i need an other firmware? i probably have a new firmware updated it on nov 7 2010.

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