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Playtime prize available - P910i keypad & headphones

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Posted by vivid white
SEductive PM'd me the other day after just winning the P910i keypad and headphones in playtime and it seems he doesnt own a P910i so this prize would be quite useless to him.

He has asked if I would mind sending to someone else and of course that if fine by me.

So if anyone would like a keypad and headphones then please make yourself known and obviously special thanks need to go to SEductive for making it available to someone else.



Posted by Aware
Well, I don't need the headphones...but the keypad would come in very handy!

And yes, if that's poss, very special thanks from me to you BOTH for this!

Posted by vivid white
keypad has gone to Aware

headphones still available.

Posted by ayejatt
You got a PM chap!

Posted by vivid white
headphones have now gone.

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