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Had a good deal? Tell others please.

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Posted by dougproctor
Post sale feedback is quite important to tell others one can be trusted. There seem to be a few who won't give feedback voluntarily and when you bend over backwards to get someone their phone etc or to pay promptly, it would be nice for this to be acknowledged. This is not against anyone in particular - just an observation.
Yes - I know it is voluntary but it would just be nice not to chase.
End of minor rant!

Posted by ofiaich
Hi dougproctor!

I agree with you! I am owed a few. These, if posted, would put me into the next trader bracket.

Both Nanu and Dicky-Snapples posted great examples of feedback here

I think people notice and then keep in mind for future trading.

Thanks to MikLSP for maintaining the lists !


Posted by number1
I agree with you aswell, not everyone leaves feedback, i always leave feedback i have left feedback for every trade/deal i've done.

Posted by yea g
I think its because its not compulsory. On trademe (A NZ version of EBay) you have to leave feedback for the person, you do see alot of people just putting "good" as a description though

Posted by pmerryman
Doesn't cost anything to leave feedback, so I cant see why people dont.

Posted by MikLSP
There's no way people can be forced to leave feedback, especially in a system like the A-ZoTT which is simply across open forums (at the moment).

My advise is to simply request that the person you are dealing with leaves you feedback. It may be the case that they don't know how or where to do that so you could post feedback for them and then let them know along with a link saying you'd appreciate if they could also leave fedback in return


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Posted by dougproctor
I know it's voluntary but you could have dealt with lots of people and have no score on the door if they all decided to not give feedback. Only good manners really!
Most I deal with have done, thank goodness.

Posted by MikLSP
Yes, I think everyone agrees but there's no explanation for why some people don't do it. I also think that the same people who don't leave feedback are highly unlikely to read a topic asking them to unfortunately

Best bet is to mention it to them by PM after the deal is complete, some people may just forget or not have known and I'm sure they'll happily oblige if you ask them

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