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Quick confirmation needed on W800 firmware files

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Posted by cokker
Hi everyone, hope your all doing well

Not been here for a while as i sold my old K510i but I've just picked up a W800 on ebay, while i wait for it to be delivered im hunting the net for all the latest SE software etc.

As far as i know the W800 is T-Mobile branded (yuck lol) so i was thinking of flashing it, now I've heard/seen that the W800 can support flash files with the right firmware.

Now i saw a video on youtube of this in action, am i right in saying that this is only support for flash files NOT flash themes/menus? If so im not too bothered about that.

I did a search here for anything that related to my problem but im still not 100% sure i have the right files, (money is tight, i don't fancy a nice paper weight lol.)

Here are the files i have:
W800i_CDA102430_2_EMEA_2 (Customization Pack)

These are for plain English, should they work ok?

When i flashed my old K510i i needed a "Red"? firmware file, i can't remember it off the top of my head, do i need one of these for the W800?

And the last thing, to install the customization pack do i need to just tick the "Customize File System" box and select W800 and navigate to the "W800i_CDA102430_2_EMEA_2" folder? (inside that is tpa/preset/custom/).

Or do i need to use FAR?

Many thanks for your time and patients.

Posted by cokker
Gah, i posted this in the wrong section i think *face-palm* lol.

Sorry mods!

Posted by yea g
are you using xs++?

Posted by strizlow800
R1L... Those are pretty old firmware files... Try looking for:

W800i_CDA102430_2_EMEA_2 (Customization Pack)

to get great and reliable W800 firmware...

Install USB flash driver, download and use XS++ folowing this tutorial to flash the phone:


all other needed files can be found on www.4shared.com (use the search)

Posted by cokker
@ yea g

Yes, i will be using XS++, sorry for not mentioning it.

@ strizlow800

Thanks for the tip, will they support flash lite files for things like wallpapers?

EDIT: Just looked on the web, anything other than R1L002 do not support it

Might just get those files you posted anyway.

Many thanks for your time.


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Posted by strizlow800
Hmm not really... The R1L may support flash but it is a bit buggy. And R1BC002 is stable but doesn't support flash... Sorry mate didn't know you asked for flash support too.

Posted by cokker
Sorry just edited my post lol, il get those newer files you posted.

Thanks again mate.

Posted by strizlow800
Well that's ok. No problem for the info. If you don't mind losing the flash support and having stable firmware you can flash the phone to R1BC002.

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