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"K850 Firmware Overview" thread should be renamed.

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Posted by Krubach
... to "The moaning thread"...

Seriously, the thread talks about everything but firmware.
They are 10.000 posts of: "This phone is just a piece of s***", "SE blew it", "I giving it back", etc...

Shouldn't these posts be placed in the K850i discussion thread? Or any other thread for that matter.

I gave up checking that thread because whenever i enter the thread i can't find anything firmware related, be it performance, bugs found (not need to repeat BROD thousands of times), etc...

[just kidding]
Mods sometimes are so picky about threadjacking, bit in this case i guess they closed their eyes. (@masseur: ouch! )
[/just kidding]

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Posted by masseur
most of these comments are based on the posters experience of using the phone (i.e. the firmware) and so its the obvious place for such comments to go, though yes, it does get a bit repetitive.

In the early days of that thread I was tempted to do as you suggested but with so many people being unhappy, every other post would have then been me asking people to post on the main discussion thread and so I decided best just to leave it.

anyway, I guess most of the useful information can be viewed in the opening post, though it has been a while since mwarner updated it.

edit: btw, other firmware threads have this though to a much lessor extent. I guess this is representative of the fact that K850 is(was) a very popular phone among Esato members
Unless I'm very much mistaken...

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