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A problem .and a suggestion

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Posted by tapojyoti
First the problem:As you see,esato displays that I have posted in the forum 14 times only..but as I find from the "My Posts" search results,I've replied in a lot more than just 14...the results continued..but I didn't count the no. of posts.But,whatever the number is,it's surely more than 14.Every time I post somewhere,I find it increased,but every 12:00 GMT,it gets decreased back to the same 14.And then,the suggestion:improve the mobile esato search page cause it's not working properly,if,working at all.Hoping for some response..as I'm sometimes regarded as a newbie and also told by users how much they exceed me by their posts.

Posted by tranced
here's a response of one of your questions

Posts getting deleted?

Posted by masseur
for the first point, posts you make are counted during the day but any posts which are in the non mobile, garbage or regional forums are deducted form your count each night

for the second point, the search works quite well if you use it properly but it takes a little practice. I have been tested many times to find posts/topics and have always succeeded. However, if you prefer google then you can google Esato with the search criteria of:-


and maybe that will suit you better

Posted by whizkidd
@tapojyoti, so now you know that this is not an esato bug. . I notice that you most of the time post only in the regional sections and sometimes in the non mobile discussion threads... Posts made here never end up in your final post count. This was implemented to prevent people from posting randomly just to increase their post count.

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