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Posted by ksangeelee

I've developed the fist version of a portal page that's intended to link only to pages that work well on mobile phones (as opposed to PDAs, such as iPhone, with big screens etc.) (see http://cms.da.gp for more details).

I've put the page on the URL 'da.gp' meaning it's very easy to enter using a standard phone keypad because corresponds to pressing the keys 32147 in that order (da.gp).

It's easy to enter and difficult to forget, so the links on the page will always be available to you.

It's currently quite UK biased, but if anyone would like to help me compile similar quality country-specific links for their country, please get in touch!

I think it's already really useful, mainly because of the lack of trash that confuses most other portals. It's also very plain and simple so fast to load etc.

All feedback is very much welcomed. see http://cms.da.gp for more details, or just enter da.gp into your phone's browser.


Click to view updated thread with images

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