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Change icons on G900

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Posted by daimler
I've had the SE G900 for a while now and i'm quite happy with it. However, the main menu icons are blue/grey and looks really dull. I've seen pictures of the phone with more colorfull icons, like on the P1.

Since the icons are not affected by the themes, how would i go about changing them?

I'll attach pictures to clarify.

Also, when choosing the standby programs, is there a way to replace the default shortcut icons?

Posted by Alex_230
i'm also interested in this.

Posted by ardzuna
If you want to change your icons then google "modding gapata".
Gapata is famous for porting G900 Notes application to other UIQ3 phones but he also has many mods which include different icon packs.

I guess that you will have to hack your G900 first (if you haven't done that already), it is very easy with the latest version of Caps Switch by sw mail, you can find it here


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Posted by DarkKrypt
Also, when choosing the standby programs, is there a way to replace the default shortcut icons?

go into settings - display - standby application -
set it to business,save - go back to the standby screen
i believe now you can change the icons in business mode(which is p1i's standard - so it should work the same with g900 'business set'(as you can not change the panel icons,unless less modding-which possibly will work)
lataz and happy hunting

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Posted by Alex_230
but what about the menu icons? even on gsmarena.com ,in the G900 preview article ,the menu has coloured icons... how can we have those?

Posted by crenshaw
something like this you mean?:

Posted by Alex_230
i managed to find a guide on changing icons in the menu but i have a problem:
i have capswitch and x-plore ,but i cant replace the icon files in C: drive ,even if i switch capabilities on. it says "can't read file..." when i paste the files in C:\\resources\\Apps.
a little help pls?

Posted by ardzuna
Capabilities should be switched OFF if you want to paste files into C:\resources\Apps. If capabilities are ON, you can neither add files to system folders nor delete anything from them.

Run CapsSwitch on your phone and press "Switch" - you should get a message like this

Now that capabilities are switched OFF, you can paste your files to C:\resources\Apps.

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Posted by Alex_230
wow ,now i get it. i thought they should be on to replace system files.
thanks a lot
and another question. if i want to restore my initial icons back ,how should i do that? if the phone hangs at restart or something like that...?

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Posted by ardzuna
To tell you the truth, I haven't yet tried to mod icons on my P1 but if you are using icons by gapata, you need to do this:

"to get the default look back, u need to delete the following files from C:\\Resource\\Apps folder:


Before deleting these files, you have to switch capabilities OFF in CapsSwitch.
If capabilities are ON, you won't be able to delete them.

Posted by Alex_230
ok ,i replaced the system .mbm files wich contain the icons ,but not all have been changed.
the icon pack is the G700 standard icons (i wanted the same icons ,but with a bit of colour). the organiser ,internet ,media ,settings and camera icons are the same ,though for the G700 they are slightly coloured (also checked that with MBM Tool).
what now? :-S

Posted by ardzuna
I think I read somewhere (not sure where exactly) that it has something to do with the language pack you are using on your phone. Most of the icon packs go together with the English language pack so if you are using Romanian in your G900 just change it to English, restart your phone and all of your menu icons should be changed after that.

Again, I repeat that this is something I read somewhere and it might not be true at all but it doesn't hurt to try.

Posted by Alex_230
nope ,i NEVER use my own language on any phone a've had/have ,i hate the translations.
so no ,my phone language is English and if it helps ,CDA is Generic World 1. fully unlocked.

Posted by daimler
Thanks for the help, i'll try the methods as described, hopefully it will work. I still wonder why some phones has the colored icons and some don't though.

I've encountered a problem, a simple one i suppose. How do i access the sys / resources folder on my phone? I have capswitch on OFF, but then what? Should i connect the phone in "file transfer" or "phone" mode?

I then browse the folder Phone Memory but i can't seem to find the folder where i should put the new icon files.

Posted by ardzuna
You need too install file managers such as Swiss Manager or Xplore on your phone and you should enable following options in them: Show ROM drives, Show system folders etc. (see the screenshots)

Swiss Manager


First, transfer your icon files to folder Other either on the phone memory or on the memory stick using your PC, and then from Other to where they are supposed to go (probably C:\Resource\Apps) using Swiss Manager or Xplore.

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Posted by walleinad
I changed my G900 icon few weeks ago.. this is my screen B)

u can copy the original mbm and rsc files form z:\resource\apps and change the bmp inside the mbm files. Edit the path of mbm in rsc file and point it to c:\resource\apps. Copy all mbm and rsc to c:\resource\apps and use SMP to reclaim memory. Done!

File you should modify: (9 icons)

Agenda_loc.RSC - path of calendar icon
ALaunchIcon.mbm - organizer & entertainment icon
ALaunch_loc.RSC - path of organizer & entertainment icon
CallLogApp.mbm - call log icon
CallLogApp_loc.RSC - path of call log icon
Contacts_loc.RSC - path of contacts icon
default_agenda_icon.mbm - calendar icon
default_contacts_icon.mbm - contacts icon
Default_Opera_Icon.mbm - Internet icon
default_qmapp_icon.mbm - messaging icon
default_secamera_icon.mbm - camera icon
MediaCenterAppIcon.mbm - media icon
MediaCenter_loc.RSC - path of media icon
qctrlpnl_icon.mbm - settings icon
QCtrlPnl_Loc.RSC - path of settings icon
qmapp_loc.RSC - path of messaging icon
secamera_loc.RSC - path of camera icon
Web_loc.RSC - path of Internet icon

RSC is the default english language. You can refer to this table for your language. e.g. You may find *.R03 in your phone. 03 is DE language. If you are using english, you don't have to worry about this part. If you are using other language, just simply copy the RSC to Rxx and modify the path inside.


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Posted by linner
Whenever I do this, it's only two of the buttons that changes. I'm pretty sure I've done everything correct, but someone who have tried the same, and what did you do?
I would be great if someone could help me ^^

Posted by ares
thatīs because you are not using the icon pack for your language

most of the icon packs available are for english, if you have that they should work fully

Posted by linner
Oh. So I can't change the icon pack itself, but have to change my phone language for it to work? I works almost if I change the language to english, but there's still two of the icons that doesn't change at all. "Camera" and "media", if that makes a difference.
If I can change it to work with danish, I'd like to know. ^^
Well, thank you anyway : D

Posted by walleinad
you can check your z:\\resource\\apps and see if any *.rxx where xx is a number e.g. 30 for chinese, and I believe 07 is danish. You can copy that file to c:\\resource\\apps and edit the path inside the file. By the way, have you restarted your mobile after change the icon? I will suggest you to use smp and reclaim the memory. In case anything went wrong, your mobile won't become brick with smp reclaim.

Posted by linner

On 2008-08-07 18:11:10, walleinad wrote:
check your z:\\resource\\apps and see if any *.rxx where xx is a number e.g. 30 for chinese, and I believe 07 is danish.

There isn't such file in z:\\resource\\apps, and I've been checking all the files in that folder. But thank you anyway. I'm not that good at cellphones and stuff, so .... But still, thanks for your time ^^

Posted by Slim971
Hello, my phone is in French, but all my files in Z:\\Resource\\app are in *.RSC

What i shoul do ?



Posted by walleinad
you can rename the RSC to another code that for Fench. If you are using English, just keep it as RSC.

Posted by kinokunya
hi guys. I tried deleting my ALaunchIcon.mbm with CapsSwitch set to OFF but I am unable to do so. Rename error occurs when I tried to rename it, an indication that the mbm file is being used by some running apps*.

Any idea how I can delete it off to get back my default icons?

Using Swiss Mgr Pro by the way.

Posted by Slim971

On 2008-08-09 12:27:52, walleinad wrote:
you can rename the RSC to another code that for Fench. If you are using English, just keep it as RSC.

Ok but how can i know the code to use for my phone ? Because the file which are now in the phone are in RSC.



Posted by Creid
change your swiss manager settings to cleanup level 3 and select delete phone apps now do a cleanup and a reclaim. if you cant delete try cut or you you could just replace

Posted by G900 QUENTIN
hello everybody , I am very new here , I lost my beautiful w800i and bought a new G900 , and I am also very new with symbian , uiq etc ...
its risky for me to hack my phone or try to change the icons...
but I dont like the original icons of the G900 , so I wanted to ask : does anyone know how much it is if I go to a phone reperation shop and ask the guys there to hack my phone and do it for me ?

Posted by Slim971
You can hack your phone simply by using a software called Capswitch.

Posted by linner
If I have a .r07 and a .r10 file in my C:\\resource\\apps, that means I can use the icons in US and danish, right? ;/ .. Doesn't make sence, when it isn't the full pack I can see.

Posted by feco
is UK english the same as normal english? :S

Posted by strizlow800

On 2008-08-16 02:12:11, feco wrote:
is UK english the same as normal english? :S

Well there are UK english and USEnglish. At first sight they seem to be exactly the same, but there are several words that differ.

Posted by feco
i mean.. when we change icons,

uk or us english = RSC

or they r different

Posted by CLB

On 2008-08-02 15:03:57, walleinad wrote:
u can copy the original mbm and rsc files form z:resourceapps

Could you explain how I can copy them?
I've tried it with X-plore but it doesn't work?

I wanted to copy the icons from z:resourceapps to my storage card
(doesn't matter to which folder, but it doesn't work)

(I want to backup all the standard icons before I'm going to fix the new ones)

Posted by CLB
Or could somebody upload all the standard programicons for the G900?
(so I mean the icons for the different programs when using the Business look)

(I want the standard internet-icon attached to Opera-mini,
so if I only have the icon in .jpg / .bmp format I can easily assign it)

Posted by xmachine
Can anyone post here the files to change icons on g900, I'm looking for the iphone icons, I've been looking and I can't find compatible with g900


Posted by linner
I found my .10-file in c:\\resource\\apps. But i don't understand what to do with it? Where do I have to copy it to?

Posted by norbi_nw
will somebody make it a .SIS application? it's way easyer to install.

Posted by corrado85

On 2008-09-19 21:20:05, norbi_nw wrote:
will somebody make it a .SIS application? it's way easyer to install.

Posted by NikW
Hi there,

I too am not a fan of the standard G900 icons, and don't fancy any of the modded packs I've seen out there either!

Does anyone know of a source for the original P1 icons? Having not seen them I assume they're more like the colourful standard icons on my old P990. Perhaps I should just use those...


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Posted by madhosh121
hey Esato'Z! hope everyone is well, I am new to this site and so far loved wat i am seeing...i am the proud owner of a g900, but am not happy with the ogirinal icons....i went through the process and have changed then. YAY....but....BUT 2 of the icons wnt change....the camera and media. now my language pack is to UK enlglish...is that the problem or is there sumthing i am missing? I have been to the Z:// and chked, everything else seems fine expect those 2 icons which are really UGLY looking now on the menu...

help someone!!!!!!

Thanks in Advance!

Miss Madhosh

Posted by kit513
here's my g900 with all menu icons changed...

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Posted by madhosh121
yes tht's the look! with all...but 2 of mine arnt...

any advice kit?

are u using UK englsih or US english?

Posted by choboness
pls post sis file of icon packs that would change all icons on the g900 ty

Posted by kit513

On 2008-10-14 16:05:23, madhosh121 wrote:
yes tht's the look! with all...but 2 of mine arnt...

any advice kit?

are u using UK englsih or US english?

to change media icon: thanks to DJ_Ali_k of Persian forums

You must rename C:/resource/apps/mediaPlayerappicon.mbm
You must rename C:/resource/apps/mediaCenterappicon.mbm

And too

to change your media center icon

i use UK english... i'll send you the and camera icon... try it...

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Posted by kit513

On 2008-10-15 09:58:53, choboness wrote:
pls post sis file of icon packs that would change all icons on the g900 ty

teach me how so i can make it sis...

Posted by choboness

On 2008-10-16 17:38:02, kit513 wrote:

On 2008-10-15 09:58:53, choboness wrote:
pls post sis file of icon packs that would change all icons on the g900 ty

teach me how so i can make it sis...

bro could you send me the cam icon files? with the rest of the edited files and ill make it sis =)

Posted by Monica.

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Posted by Monica.
I think I found it out, but can someone send me this iphone icons pack, or send the link to it?

Posted by Monica.
I have changed all the icons, but some of them are still in english .. I have edited them to to .r08 , what shall i do? ;s
and instead of "Hovedmeny" it is "Main Menu"

Posted by gforce23

On 2008-10-25 00:43:58, Monica. wrote:
I think I found it out, but can someone send me this iphone icons pack, or send the link to it?

12 different iPhone icon packs are available out here.

To change the icon language, check out this blog. I had seen the instructions out here in the past but can't remember the exact blog post.

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