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The best messenger for uiq3 phones!

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Posted by eternal-me
Im+ is the best messenger for uiq3. If you are in hunt for good messenger that suits your neds than this im+ is for you! I have SE P1i and it works great in my phone. It's super fast,super cheap, reliable,it has file transfer,etc etc etc.

I have tried about 30+ mesengers and believe me this beats them all even Agile messenger, This agile sucks,its time consuming and it charges a lott!!

So give it a try and share your opinions and suggestions!

If you dont have the messenger download it from the website below.


Posted by ares
slick and fring are free, and good

Posted by eternal-me

On 2008-06-17 16:28:09, ares wrote:
slick and fring are free, and good

dude i am talking about the GPRS charges,i bet it is cheaper than fring and slick, both tried by me, slick hangs a lot and fring is also another good option but it has less features than IM+, so IM+ wins.

This IM+ is also free,The app which i uploaded in the website is a cr*cked version. so need for registration.

Posted by ares
mmm...you are talking about warez...here???? not a good thing....

anyway, i mainly use IM via wifi, so i was not considering the cost

Posted by jeff89
i have install the im in my fon. recently i unistall it and try slick but whenever i restart my phone the phone will ask me whether i wanna istall the im or not?and i already delete all the file of im from my phone.anyone know why was that?izzit normal for it to happen?

Posted by ares
please read the FAQ thread...

Posted by jeff89
faq thread?i can read it from where?

Posted by ares
Not FAQ, made a mistake...utility guide


Posted by Wizardz
I'm just wondering why don't you guys use like web messenger from your phone. Isn't that free of charges?

Posted by makbil
Because most of us are not using MSN alone, we also use GoogleTalk and ICQ to some degree. IM+ supports all these protocols.

Posted by ares
So do Slick and Fring

Posted by myth®
I haven't tried Slick as I'm not interested in alpha and beta software, especially if those are apps which require data connections and charges are involved.

And neither am I interested in software which renders native phone apps or functions useless, so fring is out of question too, at least for me, since it - still - crashes the storage wizard.

The WM version is ok though and I use it on my TyTN II and now, after upgrading to the official WM 6.1, it is even more precious than ever, as the latest verision of Skype doesn't work on 6.1. Hope that they're working on it...

Posted by ares
Many mature aplications would wish to be as polished as Slick current alpha version...that´s all i´m saying...if you do not try it, that´s not very clever...you are loosing the BEST uiq3 IM app

Current fring version also does not bring the problems you mention. So, IMO, both are the better solutions right now, not considering how much data they use - like i said, i use them via wifi mainly

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Posted by myth®

I am actually extremely pleased with IM+ (4.09) and as I have already paid for it, I can't see a reason to switch to another app.

What does it offer what IM+ doesn't already have ?

The only missing feature for me is to block/unblock contacts.

Does Slick have it ?

Posted by myth®

On 2008-06-18 11:44:14, ares wrote:

Current fring version also does not bring the problems you mention.
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The last time I checked it (v 3.30) did.

Or are you able to pass step 2 ?

Posted by ares
Ok, then i understand...you bought IM+, and its also a good messenger, then you should use it.

I think you also can´t block users on flick

Posted by gauravsali
i hv installed im+ but while connecting to yho it shws authorization failedwht to do?

Posted by whatsucka
is there a way to sort out aim contact n msn contact?? in IM+ it mix up everything...

Posted by sanisamudra
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give me new download link boss....!

i need fring for my P1

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