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Rumor from LG

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Posted by tranced
Rumor by LG, exclusively from Sprint, is an affordable and attractive Sprint PCS Vision(r) phone that helps you manage your entertainment, data, and voice needs in a single device.

Available in four stylish color options, Rumor by LG puts the convenience of text messaging in the palm of your hand with an easy-to-use QWERTY slide keyboard and one touch access to messaging through a softkey from the idle screen. Whenever you slide open the phone, it automatically populates the messaging menu for you. Text tones can be assigned to a Contacts entry so you can easily identify the sender. Rumor by LG also offers an MP3 music player and a 4 GB capacity microSD card slot so you can take your favorite tunes with you on the go. Additional features include a 1.3 MP camera/camcorder and Bluetooth wireless technology.


Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Haha... I don't think its attractive and that colour ain't stylish. Try garish!

Really, LG suck at these business focussed phones or whatever they are. They're ugly! I don't know why they made them so ugly when the rest of their range actually looks quite good!

Posted by soulsaber
is it just me or does that screen look REALLY small?

Posted by gola
Let it stay a rumour...

Posted by UNoZ
the LG is beautifull

Posted by NightBlade

On 2008-10-01 22:47:04, UNoZ wrote:
the LG is beautifull

Someone's got a twisted sense of style.

Posted by yea g

On 2008-10-01 22:59:26, NightBlade wrote:

On 2008-10-01 22:47:04, UNoZ wrote:
the LG is beautifull

Someone's got a twisted sense of style.

I think he may be on drugs

Posted by ChrizChild
wow! cool, I agree with UNoz..

Posted by eton-hk
Qwerty keypad,slide!So nice

Posted by bateer
Two thumbs up for LG..

Posted by razec
One of the ugliest phones i've ever seen. what a shame for a mobile company known and awarded for their designs.

Posted by ChrizChild
@ Mr.Razec: I don't thnk so Sir

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