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What is your esato Dream/ Where do you see esato in ten years time?

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Posted by thami

Posted by gola
...on top of the world.

Posted by Wuz
If Esato still exists in 10 years times - & I don't see why it shouldn't - one thing is certain...it will have left behind its SE routes, as is increasingly the case now and become a general platform for mobile communications.

Posted by gola
Have a lil faith.

Posted by Mige
on top

Posted by BobaFett
i hope that esato will be again an dedicated retro site

Posted by fatreg
in the bin. = esato in 10 years time

dream? to have an esato wedding... wifey and I!!

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Posted by haynesycop

Posted by thami
sure thing gola my friends. any hows you bro doing good i hope. Seems not a lot of people have a dream for esato, Prove me wrong.

Posted by sigea
In 10 years time the new P10i will have a 15 MP camera, 100GB M2, with an option of running windows, linux and android in different partitions .

And I shall be complaining in the Esato forum about how the damned sony ericsson suite still cant find my USB/bluetooth port.

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Posted by bart

On 2008-06-02 00:11:33, BobaFett wrote:
i hope that esato will be again an dedicated retro site

I follow this vision.
Bring back the phones!

Posted by marty mcfly
We'll probably be discussing our favourite LG Ericsson phone the way things are going

Posted by djin

Well after ten years time you mean by after 10 years from now, or 10 years from when esato was started?

Well, if its 10 years from now, i would be expect this place to have got rid by all those annoying whinerz, and wud be filled with annoying praises(fanboyz).

Who knows it cud be SOeRichtc by then?

and esato coud be nosato?

Well anyways leaving nonsense behind, i dont dream. But i think in next 10 years, not many of us wud still be visiting this forum, especially the frequent users, and hopefully, the next gen esato users would be takin it to next level.

Posted by Vlammetje
maybe a close business partner as test panel and reviewer or press communicator for ?
That is, if is still around 10 years from now

Dream on...

Posted by Twometre
In the next fifteen years can you imagine buying a phone with the esato brand

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