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A new and different bluetooth app' excellent for SonyEricsson

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Posted by soony
Till today the main thing about bluetooth was to transfer files, to connect gadgets and etc... of course there is also a networking ability.
the new system - http://www.NearConn.com - working in this area but in kind different way.

NearConn is a cellular social network that enables you to contact people around you. It gives you the oportunity to contact those people in a several ways right on the place you met. .. NearConn collects the bluetooth devices names and turn them to a link to their owner's profile, this profile can be a personal profile, buisness card or public information! beside that, all your activity will be saved into your profile so you can access it at anytime when you are home... the system is free.

Posted by goldenface
Sounds interesting. I'll investigate this one. :)

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Posted by Cycovision
That could be very useful at business networking events (if everybody there used it as well of course). Thanks, I'll give it a go too!

Posted by soony
With NearConn you can contact other people even if only u have install the system. other people can't enjoy the system ability unless they will install NearConn on their cellphone.

very intersting comments


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