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P1i how to Hard reset / Soft reset

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Posted by jacknickless
i Know about Soft reset is at control panel just choice > master reset right ?
and Hard reset How ?? some body can teach me ??

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Posted by AD
There are two other things you can do:

1) Format the internal disk: Do this by accessing the service menu, press:

* jogup * jogdown jogdown * jogdown *

where jogup/down = 1 click on the jogdial.

2) Reflash the firmware with SEUS, if you have done this before and still have software problems, delete the contents of SEUS's 'db' folder first as this will force it to download a new copy of the firmware from SE's servers.

Posted by myth®

The second option didn't work (given that you already have the latest fw) .

Have they fixed it ?

Posted by AD
I thought that was only for the M600...the last time I ran SEUS I got a 'continue anyway' button.

Posted by myth®

Nope, it was the same for P1i.

They removed it a few days after the release of the latest fw in Feb.

I don't have the chance to try it now, but if you say that you had the 'anyway' option, they seem to have fixed it.

Btw, when was that ?

Posted by Charlotte z
Or this:

You can also do this from the "Insert SIM card" and "Enter PIN:" dialogs. This means that if the phone doesn't boot, then you can just take the SIM out and reformat from the Insert SIM dialog.

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